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Exaggerated relief map of Great Britain and Ireland
Irish population density for the United States 1872
A 1482 recreation of a map from Ptolemy's Geography (2nd century) showing the "Oceanus Germanicus", Great Britain & Ireland
Fun Fact: the Republic of Ireland extends further north than Northern Ireland
1716 Homann Map of Ireland
German Map of Great Britain and Ireland (1801)
The Great Scone Map of the United Kingdom and Ireland
Great Britain and Ireland (1654) - Ptolemy's 1st European Map: - Old Great Britain from Blaeu's Atlas of Scotland from 1654
Theoretical map of the "Celtic Union of Ireland & Scotland" (If Scotland & Northern Ireland were to leave the UK and join with the Irish Republic in a new union or federation)
The Island of Ireland 1450
Comparative size of Iceland and Ireland
1926 Physical Map of Great Britain & Ireland
1610 Ireland
Great Britain and Ireland 1569
1847 map of Great Britain and Ireland displaying ethnography and languages
1794 wall map of the Kingdom of Ireland by Jean Rocque
Evolution of Irish Population Density 1841-2002
Remarkably detailed reconstruction of Dublin as it looked around 1500
I found this in a book store in Dublin, bought it instantly
An Irish Point Of View of Europe
The distribution of the Irish language in 1871 - From E.G. Ravenstein, "On the Celtic Languages of the British Isles: A Statistical Survey", in Journal of the Statistical Society of London, vol. 42, no. 3, (September, 1879), p. 583
"A Map of the Kingdom of Ireland" – 1732 (More in comments)
Birth Rates and Death Rates in Great Britain and Ireland (1887)
1785 Map of the Kingdom of Ireland divided into its several provinces
People with the ability to speak Irish in Ireland & Northern Ireland (2011)
Irish Free State and Northern Ireland Portraying Their Agricultural Products & Fisheries (1929)
EU Referendum and National Identity of Northern Ireland
Proposed land bridge and canal between Scotland and Ireland
Africa 1808. From Brookes, R., The General Gazetteer, or Compendious Geographical Dictionary. Eighth edition. Dublin, 1808.
1777 Taylor and Skinner Roads of Ireland Dublin - Naas
Properties within 40 nautical miles of Northern Ireland priced at over £1,000,000 according to Zoopla
South Korea and Ireland are really similar shapes
Great Britain and Ireland Gaelic/Scots Language Map
European Countries in Irish
Exaggerated relief map of Ireland
The Republic of Ireland fits perfectly into South Korea
Number of Remaining Castles in UK & Ireland
Britain & Ireland drawn from pubs
Map showing the decline of native Irish speakers
Northern Ireland border opinion poll, August 2016
The Kingdome of Ireland, c. 1610
Commuting in Ireland
Ireland geological map
Map of Ireland made using the rock most commonly found in each county
WW2 map of Ireland to deter invaders
Distribution of Irish Speakers in 1900 and 2000. Dark Green: Majority Irish Speakers ; Light Green: Significant Minority
By Majorcan cartographer Angelino Dulcert, it depicts Hy-Brasil as a large, circular landmass off the western coast of Ireland : 19th century facsimile
Decline of Irish Language over 200 years
1921 Irish Guerrilla battle map of Cross barry, Co Cork, Ireland.
1777 Taylor and Skinner Roads of Ireland: Naas - Monastrevan
How sport is divided in the UK and Ireland
Map of Spanish Armada shipwrecks in Ireland
Dublin 1902
Irish rail network 1906 compared to 2018
1631 map of England, Scotland and Ireland by Dutch catrographer Willem Janszoon Blaeu. Full title: Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae Tabula.
Map of the Clan Territories of Ireland
Tokyo compared to Dublin
National Identity Of Northern Ireland. With majority Irish areas and majority British areas shown.
Catholicism vs Protestantism in Northern Ireland
Potential map of EU if Brexit leads to Scottish independence and Irish reunification
Four ways to describe an already very divided Northern Ireland.
Irish, Britons and Anglo-Saxons AD 600
Map of the 32 counties of Ireland with their literal English translations
16th century ethnicity map of Ireland
Population in Ireland - 1841, 1936, 2002
Map of Westeros from A Song Of Ice & Fire / Game of Thrones is really just Britain and an inverted Ireland !
Distribution of Protestants on the island of Ireland, 1861-2011, by county
Hill forts of Britain and Ireland (interactive version in comments)
Languages of Great Britain and Ireland in 1800
British Isles (Britain and Ireland) 666AD
Since you liked Ireland’s language map here’s Scotland’s
Great Famine Impact in Ireland (Irish population density 1841-2002, by Dr. Alan Fernihough)
History of British & Irish Languages 400-2000 AD
Percent of Population with Irish Ancestry by Congressional Districts
Map of food taken by British Army regiments during the Irish famine 1845-50
Irish speakers in daily life (outside the education system) - 2011
Ireland: 1983 Referendum Introducing Highly Restrictive Abortion Leglisation vs 2018 #Repeal Referendum Results (Provisional Tallies)
1/3 of Republic of Ireland's People Live in Each Block
Population of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland Compared with the Population of Greater London and the Surrounding Area.
Ireland 1650
Ireland is not used to this. We are melting, please help.
Could someone explain what the Uergivius Oceanus (just below Ireland) is? This is a reproduction of the Mercator Map of 1585.
Distribution of the Irish Language in 1800
Earliest known map of Ireland c.150AD
My hand-drawn Gin Map of the UK and Ireland
Skellig Michael is a twin-pinnacled crag situated 11.6 kilometres (7.2 mi) west of the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland. The larger of the two Skellig Islands, the island is known for its steep landscape, the Gaelic monastery founded between the 6th and 8th century.
A map of the Celtic tribes of Britain and Ireland
Current and former dialects of Irish, Scottish Gaelic and Manx
Topographic map of Ireland
6 ways to divide Ireland
Map of Deaths due to conflict in Northern Ireland.
This is the oldest known map of Ireland, circa 1573
Irish Ancestry in the United States
The results of Ireland's referendum on abortion by constituency
Sunset shadows of Ireland
Ottoman map of UK and Ireland from 1891.
Irish speakers in Ireland (Éire).
Ireland 2017
The demise of the majority Irish language speaking areas, from 1926, 1956 and 2007
Great Britain and Ireland - mapped only by rivers and streams
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