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1733 map of Iran and surrounding area
Exaggerated Relief Map of the Persian Gulf Region at night
Ethnographic map of eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and western Persia - published 1910
Persian Map of the World (1537)
The largest empire in history by percentage of world population - the Achaemenid Empire at its Territorial Peak under Darius The Great (522 BC to 486 BC)
1701 Guillaume Delisle map of the Ottoman and Persian Empires x-post /r/HI_Res
Exaggerated Relief Map of the Persian Gulf Region
Predominant languages of Iranian counties
Ethnicities of Iran
Culture composition of Iranian provinces
How big is Iran part 2: From Belfast to Naples
Map of the Achaemenid Persian Empire at its fullest extent
Asia According to Iran 2018
The Persian Empire (dark red) was the largest empire in history by share of the world's population at 44%. This is what it could look like if the Persians controlled 44% of the the world's population today (red).
Persian (Achaemenid) Empire compared to the contiguous United States
Religious Composition of Iran
Languages of Iran
Iran Topography Map: A Mountainous Fortress
Visa policy of Iran
Participants in the Iran-Iraq War
Persian (Achaemenid) Empire at its territorial peak 500 BCE
Persian Speaking Countries
Administrative Divisions in the Persian Empire 490 B.C
Ethnicities and Religions in Iran
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia vs Islamic Republic of Iran: The Proxy War in the Middle East
A Map of the Persian Empire and its Satrapes
Middle Eastern cold war. (Iran vs Saudi Arabia proxy war)
Map of Achaemenid Empire
Lands ever historically Inhabited and or Controlled by Iranian (Iranic) peoples
Achaemenid Empire - 552-336 BC
Iranian Presidential Elections, 2017, by Province
1902 British Outline Map of Iran
Map of the Achaemenid Empire
Map of the Achaemenid Satrapies c490BC
The "-stan" Countries in Persian
Iran and the surrounding region at night
This Geopolitical Persian Carpet
Percentages of Persians in provinces of Iran
Countries' views following Trump's reaction to Iran deal
The Greek World during the Persian Wars, 500 - 479 BCE.
Territorial Changes of Iran the 19th and the 20th Centuries
Map of Iran with its 20 largest cities labeled as a US city of similar population.
Territorial Changes of Persia/Iran in the 19th and the 20th Centuries.
Iran's topography map & population density map side by side
Map of Iran showing locations of protests over the last three days (from /r/iran)
Administrative Divisions of the Achaemenid Empire, 490 BC
Epic Trolling of the British by the Iranian Authorities
Variants of Curzon Line based on map created during Tehran Conference in 1943
Percentages of Belochi inhabitants in provinces of Iran
How big is Iran? Pretty much the size of the USA before the Louisiana Purchase.
Village with Kurdish population by percentages in Iran
Linguistic composition of Iran
Countries where Nowruz (Iranian New Year) is celebrated
Map of Territorial Expansion of Achaemenid/Persian Empire
Ethno-Linguistic Map of the Middle East (2006-2014)
Iran, Sassanid Empire, 5th Century AD
Where European cities would be if they were in Iran
Achaemenid Empire at it's height 480BC
Territorial Changes of Persia/ Iran in the 19th and 20th Centuries
Soil Map of Iran, Afghanistan, and Central Asia 1961 (English and Persian languages)
Map of the Persian Empire 500 BC
Percentages of Arabs in provinces of Iran
Ever wondered how to get from Batman, Turkey, to Batman, Iran? Well now you know.
Iranian Plateau and Extent of Iranian Languages
Number of Cities in Each Iranian Province that Have Ever Been a Persian Capital
Iran tourism map, pay a visit!
The Achaemenid Empire in c.500 BC Compared to the Continental USA at the Same Latitude
Iran Plateau Relief Map
Iran HDI by provinces 2001 vs 2009
Iran and Turan - Persia, Afganistan, Baluchistan, Turkestan in 1843
Iran at its territorial peak under the Safavid Dynasty
Iran wants war
Saudi Arabia vs Iran battle lines :
Provinces of Iran in 1934
Electoral districts of the first Iranian parliament - 1906
Map of the Kura (Mtkvari) river system in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran and Turkey
Changes in Persian/iranian border in 19th and 20th Century
Ethnic map of Iran
Persian Map of the World, 1537
The Greek world during the Persian Wars 500-479 BC
Georgian invasion of northern Iran 1208-1210
Ottoman constructed map of Iran (1630)
Languages in Iran by Province; 2010
Brief overview of Turkey-Iran border changes
Iran Linguistic Composition map
Population Density of Iran.
1960 Iranian Map of Pakistan
Candidates who won Iranian provinces in 2017 general election, by percentage
Separatist movements in iran
Map of Turco-Persian states
Countries with public holiday for Nowruz Iranian New Year
Iranian Crude Outflows January-June 2018
Persian sassanid empire
The Sassanian Persian Empire at its Greatest Extent, just a few years before its demise.
the Frequency of Unveiled Women in the Holy City of Mashhad, I.R. Iran
Can you explain or interpret the laces binding the Red Sea and the stitches along Iran, Pakistan to India of this cloth print hanging in a restaurant?
Percentages of Azerbaijanis (Turks) in provinces of Iran
Armenian Populated Regions in Iran
Land use in Iran
2017 Iranian Presidential Election Map
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