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Which countries call Tunisia and its capital Tunis by the same name?
Historic map of Tunis by Piri Reis (late 17th century-early 18th century AD)
City of Tunis , North Africa , close to Carthage
Town Plan of Tunis (US Army - 1943)
Guillaume Delisle Tunis 1707
Golfe de Tunis - Roux - 1764
089 algerien-marokko-und-tunis (1905)
Tunis map plan 1881
A new chart of the coast of the MEDITERRANEAN SEA; Livorn or Legorne; The Bay of Tunis. NYPL1640694
The west part of Barbary containing Fez, Marocco, Algiers and Tunis ; East part of Barbary containing Tripoli, Barca and the north part of Egypt (5375430213)
The birds of Tunisia; being a history of the birds found in the regency of Tunis (1905) (20198502549)
Map of Tunis and its vicinity - 1954
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