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Ethnographic map of Austria-Hungary (census 1880)
Population of Hungary from the 1880 census (printed 1882)
Ethnographic map of Austria-Hungary (census 1890)
Religious map of Hungary according to the 2011 population census
Populations in the Hungarian half of Austria-Hungary
Ethnic map of Northern Transylvania - shown through the Romanian census of 1930 and the Hungarian census of 1940
Distribution of first language German speaking population in the Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia-Slavonia by county, 1900
Distribution of religions in Albania during early 1900s (based on the 1908 Ottoman census and the 1916–18 Austro-Hungarian census)
Internal political map of Austria-Hungary showing pyramid structure of government, political organization of dual system and population and ethnic structure by crown lands, early 1900s
Population of Austro-Hungarian Empire 1913 by provinces (crown lands)
Republic of German-Austria, the initial Rump State for the German speaking population after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1918)
Contemporary French map of Austria-Hungary from early 20th century showing population number by each ethnicity
Ethnic composition of Slovakia according to the census of Kingdom of Hungary in 1880
Austro-Hungarian Empire 1910, internal organization, crown lands, nationalities percentages and population statistics
Old French graphical map of Austria-Hungary from 1893 with nations population statistics
Romanians in Hungary (1890 census, drawn in 1897)
Roma (Gypsies) in Hungary (census 2001)
Ethnic map of Austria-Hungary at the 1880 Census
1898 Population diversity map of Austria Hungary
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