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Freedom of press map 2017 (by Reporters without borders)
2017 World Press Freedom Index with Gradient Scale
Two opposing statements were presented at a UN human rights committee meeting a few weeks ago- one expressing concern over China's human rights abuses, and one commending China's "remarkable achievements in the field of human rights." Here are which countries supported each statement.
Newly Updated Marriage Equality Map 24-05-2017
Income Inequality Compared to the US(Gini coefficient)
Map of World Press Freedom 2016
Coalitions for/against China's Uighurs muslim policies in Xinjiang (UN Human Rights Council, July 2019)
Pride map #5: Legality of adoption by LGBT+ people
Who in the United Nations voted for and against having an LGBT rights watchdog around the world?
The best countries to live in for most people in the world (countries with an inequality-adjusted human development index value over 0,8)
2018 World Press Freedom Index
A Side by Side Comparison of Homicide Rates and Income Inequality
Best and Worst Countries for Travel for LGBT Members
Press freedom around the world
LGBT Adult Percentage by State
European countries by Inequality-adjusted HDI . 2015
Better places to live than USA. 2015 Inequality-adjusted HDI
South American and African countries by inequality-adjusted HDI (2016)
Human Freedom Index 2016
Where to be born : countries by Inequality-adjusted HDI according to the Human Development Report 2016
Pride map #4: Legality of LGBT+ discrimination
LGBT Friendliness in Latin America
Countries ranked by level of press freedom in 2018
2018 World Press Freedom Index
2015-2016 LGBT Adult Percentage Estimate
The first, second, third and unclassified worlds based on inequality adjusted HDI (1257 X 648)
Income inequality worldwide, as measured by the Gini Coefficient .
Muslim population around the world and countries who signed a UN declaration opposing LGBT rights (in red)
Income inequality in the US
Press Freedom Index
Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index
Map Showing Which States Have Ratified How Many of the 18 International Human Rights Treaties
Inequality-adjusted HDI map of Europe
Number of Participants in largest LGBT events in Europe with dates
Global internet freedom has declined for the ninth consecutive year, a report by the US-based democracy watchdog Freedom House says. The internet freedom must be a part of human rights. sad ...we have to fight to keep it free.
US Adults Identifying as LGBT by State
Freedom of Press Worldwide 2017
Where European Countries are on Marriage Equality
Marriage Equality - Who made it happen?
Equality compared to 30 years ago in the EU
LGBT Employment Discrimination
LGBT employment discrimination laws by country or territory
% loss in Human Development Index score when adjusted for inequality (OC)
Inequality Index of the World
United Nations human rights council current members 2017
Human Rights Council voting on resolution A/HRC/36/L.6 - "The question of the death penalty"
LGBTI Human Rights laws within Europe (#RainbowEurope 2018)
LGBT Friendliness in Latin America
Income Inequality (World Bank Gini coefficient) (OC)
LGBT rights in the United Nations
Europe by Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index
UN vote condemning Israeli practices affecting the human rights of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem (November 2018)
Map: Opinions about the importance of press freedom vary by country
Everybody is against everybody. Somebody has to be for them.
Sexual orientation laws in the world 2017
Human Rights Index 2016
Top 50 countries by Inequality-Adjusted HDI. Included EU borders.
Gini Index for income inequality by country.
US LGBT Hate Crime Laws
Percent of Population identifying as LGBT in Europe (2016)
Freedom of press in 2018(According to Reporters Without Borders)
Equality Parade in Warsaw on Google Maps
Levels of "Unfair Inequality" in European countries
Countries and territories with LGBT anti-discrimination laws
How the members of the UN Human Rights Council voted on keeping expert to protect LGBT+ rights
Women's Equality
European countries by inequality-adjusted human development index (IHDI)
Press freedom in 2018 (see more maos @ www.milosp.info)
Press Freedom Index 2019
LGBTI Equality in Europe as defined by ILGA Europe
Income Inequality according to Gini Coefficient
Switzerland's regional income (in-)equality
Income Inequality Across Planet
Map of Connecticut income; it just shows why Connecticut has the worst income inequality
Income Inequality around the world
2013 Gender gap index world map, Gender Inequality Distribution
LGBT laws across Europe and parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East (2014)
LGTB human rights in Europe
These 2 images show LGBT rights by country, the above is on June 19th 2009 and the below one is on June 19th 2019. We've made amazing progress in 10 years. (Dark Blue is gay marriage, Light Blue is civil unions, Red is life penalty, Orange is imprisonment, and Brown is the death penalty)
Gender education level inequality in the World
Geography of wage inequality in USA.
Gender Inequality Index
Global Gender Gap Report
Percentage of People Identifying as LGBT by State, the US
Press Freedom Index - 2019 Report
**Wealth Inequality in the United States**
Everybody is Against Everybody - a pictorial world map by Amnesty International
Current UN Human Rights Council differentiated between democracies/flawed democracies and dictatorships
LGBT rights by country
Average national IQs according to IQ and Global Inequality (2002)
LGBT flag map of Canada
LGBT Flag map of Prince Edward Island
2009 Freedom of the Press Freedom House map
2014 Gender gap index world map, Gender Inequality Distribution
Map of Press Freedom 2009
2011 Freedom of the Press Freedom House map
Human Rights Protection
LGBT rights by country (2016)
LGBT Adult Percentage By State in 2012
European LGBT rights map (2018)
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