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1813 map of Australia, New Zealand & New Guinea
Map of British New Guinea (1900)
1815 Map of Australia, New Guinea and the eastern islands of Indonesia - Carte de la Nouvelle Hollande.
Political map of the island of New Guinea from 1884-1919
Colonial situation on the island of New Guinea between 1884 and 1919
Map of New Guinea / Map Showing the Territory annexed by Great Britain, Germany, and Holland, respectively from 1885.
Map of Queensland and British New Guinea from 1890.
Julius Vitringa Coulon (1859) Figuratieve kaart der afdeeling Axim, kust van Guinea
Kaart van de afdeeling Boutry, Kust van Guinea (1859)
Guinea from Milner's Atlas
Golf von Guinea um 1890
1865 Bellin Sea Chart of Western Africa ( Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, etc.) - Geographicus - WestAfrica2-bellin-1765
New Guinea and New Caledonia 1884 (Papua New Guinea)
J.W. Scheffelaar (1859) Kaart van de afdeeling Chama, kust van Guinea
(1897) Golfo de Guinea
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