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Exaggerated relief map of New Guinea and northeast Australia
Indiae orientalis insvlarvmqve adiacientivm typvs. Map of India, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, New Guinea and NW America 1570
Exaggerated Relief Map of New Guinea and northern Australia - At Night
Guinea, c1640
Guinea, c. 1642
From my collection: Tractus Littorales Guineae (Guinea coast) by Frederick de Wit, c1680
Pas-Caart van Guinea by Goos, c. 1650
1753 German reproduction of Jacques Nicolas Bellin's map of Australia - joined to New Guinea, with some of New Zealand
1592 map of East New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and imaginary coast of Australia showing mythical beasts
"New Holland and New Guinea" 1798.
1815 Map of Australia, New Guinea and the eastern islands of Indonesia - Carte de la Nouvelle Hollande.
Linguistic map of the Papua and Papua New Guinea islands, the most linguistically and culturally dense place on the planet
Exaggerated Relief Map of Northern Australia and the New Guinea Island
The green jungle of Papua New Guinea bears a sharp contrast to the nearby desert of Australia.
Religion in Insular South East Asia and Papua New Guinea
Political map of the island of New Guinea from 1884-1919
1930s map of New Guinea
Google Earth image, Talbot island is the Northernmost island of Australia, 5km from Papua New Guinea
Relief map of Bioko, Equatorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea offshore oil & gas
Map of New Holland (Australia), New Guinea, and New Zealand from 1644, based on a map by the Dutch cartographer Joan Blaeu of the lands then recently explored by the Dutch East India Company.
Japanese World War 2 Aeronautical Map of New Guinea
Topographic map of New Guinea
Papua New Guinea provinces by population density (2011 census)
Russian map of Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea (1917)
Most of Equatorial Guinea’s population lives in this circle
Negroland and Guinea with the European Settlements, 1736
Trans-New Guinea Language Families
Distance from Papua New Guinea by Borders
Languages of New Guinea
Papua New Guinea Map of Population Density (late 1980s)
New Guinea is larger than Texas
Papua New Guinea (1964)
Julius Vitringa Coulon (1859) Figuratieve kaart der afdeeling Axim, kust van Guinea
Kaart van de afdeeling Boutry, Kust van Guinea (1859)
1743 Homann Heirs Map of West Africa ( Slave Trade references ) "Guinea" - Geographicus - Aethiopia-hmhr-1743
Only kinda a 'map', but here is the highly controversial Lewis Model of cultural types
Guinea from Milner's Atlas
Ebola 2014 outbreak map of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone
Guinea Liberia Sierra Leone Ebola Map August 8 2014
1771 Bonne Map of the Guinea Coast of West Africa and the Cape Verde Islands - Geographicus - Guinea-bonne-1771
1670 Ogilby Map of West Africa ( Gold Coast, Slave Coast, Ivory Coast ) - Geographicus - Guinea-ogilby-1670
Golf von Guinea um 1890
1865 Bellin Sea Chart of Western Africa ( Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, etc.) - Geographicus - WestAfrica2-bellin-1765
New Guinea and New Caledonia 1884 (Papua New Guinea)
J.W. Scheffelaar (1859) Kaart van de afdeeling Chama, kust van Guinea
Equatorial Guinea's ethnic groups
H1N1 Papua New Guinea
African Cup of Nations 2012
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of Guinea - Geographicus - Guinee-bonne-1780
1606 Guinea Hondius mr
AMH-6924-KB Map of the world and chart of New Guinea
1732 Negroland and Guinea, with the European settlements explaining what belongs to England, Holland, Denmark
090 ober-guinea-und-westsudan (1905)
Pascaarte vande zee custen van Guinea, en Brasilia, van Cabo de Verde, tot C. de bona Esperanc̨a (3120221839)
Guinea and Nigrita. NYPL1503447
1770 Bonne Map of West Africa (Guinea, the Bight of Benin, Congo) - Geographicus - WestAfrica-bonne-1770
1743 Homann Heirs Map of West Africa or Guinea - Geographicus - AfricaPropria-homannheirs-1743
(1897) Golfo de Guinea
1943 World War II Japanese Aeronautical Map of New Guinea - Geographicus - NewGuinea14-wwii-1943
Swine flu in Papua New Guinea
Guinea Liberia Sierra Leone Ebola Map August 4 2014
Guinea Sierra Leone Ebola Map April 14 2014
Ironically, most Muslims in Equatorial Guinea live above this black line
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