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1681 map of the northern part and parts of the southern parts of the America, from the mouth of the Saint Laurent River to the Island of Cayenne,with the new discoveries of the Mississipi (or Colbert) River
High quallity map of French Guiana
French Guiana - forests (green) and other woodlands (red)
Carte de la Guyane françoise et l'isle de Cayenne (Bellin, 1763)
Countries with capitals closer to French Guiana than Paris
A new chart of Guyana with the colonies of Cayenne, Surinam, & Trinadad (8250689368)
Résultats 1er et 2nd tour de la présidentielle de 2012 en Guyane
Résultats des élections législatives de Guyane en 2012
1T Législatives 2017 Guyane
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