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Pre WWII Air France Map by: Lucien Boucher 1937
The "Farmer & Settler" map of Gallipoli War area - 1915, showing landing places of the French, British, Australian and New Zealand troops during World War I
Bought a 1919 atlas printed between the end of WWI and the finalization of the Versailles & Trianon treaties. The cartographer is very frustrated about the 'in between' status of half the world's maps. Quite interesting and unique! (Album with explanations in comments) (OC)
Pre-WW2 propaganda shows Germany in white, with the 100,000-man army permitted by the Treaty of Versailles, surrounded by heavily armed neighbors.
Concentration and extermination camps in Europe during World War II .
Map of Europe before/after the WW1, from a 1931 french schoolbook
Map of French forts surrounding Paris published near the start of World War 1 in September 1914.
World War II Prison Camps in Germany
Occupation zones of France during the Second World War / Vichy France
Military Deaths of Major Powers in World War II
Popular French conception for reconstructed Europe after the WW1, published in Paris, 1916
Locations of concentration camps for the internment of Americans of Japanese ancestry during WW2
Map of a French underground city carved on a stone wall near its entrance during World War 1. It is close to the former front line, located beneath a farm near Soissons, France.
Locations in Paris that the shells from "Bertha" impacted during World War One
Hand-drawn map by British filmmaker Geoffrey Malins of the area where he filmed the Battle of Flers-Courcelette during WW1 on September 15, 1916.
Camps and execution sites in Kingdom of Yugoslavia under occupation during WWII (see more maps @ www.milosp.info)
Map Used by Paratroopers in planning night drop into France during World War II
French map of Eastern Front of WW1 showing how far Central Powers (Germany and Austria-Hungary) advanced into Russia 1917/1918
An alternate Versailles treaty after the end of World War I .
An original german map of France before WWI. Sorry for the bad lighting
Treaty of Sèvres(Peace treaty between the Allies and the Ottoman Empire after WW1)
Map illustrating the partitioning of Anatolia according to the Treaty of Sèvres (1920) after WWI
A map of Verdun from a WW1 book from 1919.
WWII-Era Map of Furnes (Includes Dunkerque)
The Greek occupation zone of Smyrna according to the treaty of Serves 1920, on top of a map depicting Greek population in western Anatolia prior to WW1
French map of Europe during WW1
1937 World War II Japanese Map of Shanghai, China (War Progress in Shanghai)
Map of French Indochina after the First World War
French Republic 1914
1920 Treaty of Sèvres post WW1 provided for an independent Armenia and for an autonomous Kurdistan
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