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Qualified countries for the 2010, 2014 and 2018 FIFA World Cups
Football vs Soccer around the world
Counties away from nearest NFL Stadium
Kit Suppliers of national football teams of european countries
Football supporter map of London
Who said South America was off the FIFA World Cup?
What if College Football games were actually battles for land? This map answers this question. (xpost r/CFB)
Most watched football league (Between the 4 big leagues)
Presence of Australian Rules Football (AFL) globally
The final map of countries that are going to compete for the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia
Every football team in the Netherlands
Football (Soccer) Clubs of Europe
Premier League Stadiums 2016/2017
Map of Cave ( A young Thai soccer team is stuck in a cave that got flooded. A rescue has been ongoing for two weeks now)
How FIFA members voted for the 2026 World Cup
What Football (Soccer) is called by country
Luch-Energiya, a football team based in Vladivostok, faced Baltika, based in Kaliningrad, away in a Russian Second Football League match in 2018, travelling 10,300km. The result was 0-0.
Logos of National Football Teams in Europe (+ surrounding)
National football teams that the England national football team has never lost to
Number of Counties Away from Every NFL Stadium (Raiders in Oakland).
Map showing the most popular sports around the world... football definitely dominates ⚽️
Map of the football clubs from England's top 4 divisions for the 2019/20 season
Logos of European Football Associations
Largest football stadium capacity in European countries
Map of FIFA World Cup final hosts, 1930–2014
Map of number of Argentine soccer players in each country outside Argentina
Updated map of countries qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup
How football spread (date of founding of each country’s oldest competitive football club)
Primary shirt colour of national football team.
The 32 teams that reached the 2018 World Cup and their current FIFA ranking
USA if regions were determined by location to college football stadiums
All times FIFA World Cup Winners ⚽?. 2018 Winner : France. Generated with paintmaps.com
Countries in red have participated in the Australian Football International Cup. Countries in blue have both hosted & never participated in the Australian Football International Cup
Soccer vs Football around the world
Football Clubs of Europe
Best european footballers of every country in FIFA 19
The Barassi Line - dividing the football-playing regions in Australia ; Australian Rules Football in the south and west and Rugby League/Rugby Union in the northeast
Current 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualification Status
Map of Voting for 2026 World Cup (X-Post r/soccer)
Potential host cities for 2026 FIFA World Cup
Most Popular Football Club by Municipality in the Netherlands
FIFA - men national team rankings (16/10/2017)
Football Clubs of Great Britain
Political affiliation in Italy's football
Map of all FIFA World Cup winners
Every light represents a gaelic football pitch in Ireland.
Where Englands football players come from
Soccer Fields of Europe - Based on Data from OpenStreetMaps
Percentage of United States High School Football Players Recruited by Division 1 Schools
Map of the USA and Southern Canada by closest MLB stadium (measured by drive time)
FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 team base camps
World Map of National Football Team Kit Suppliers
Spanish National Leagues Championships per Provinces. (Football)
Map of Brazilian football 2017 series A, B, C, D
Brazilian football players around the globe
Map of April 2018 FIFA World Rankings
Records of the Dutch national football team against other countries
The USA interest in the 2018 FIFA World Cup by state.
All times FIFA World Cup Winners ⚽?. Generated with https://paintmaps.com
Voting FIFA World Cup 2026* per country
Players Appearances in UEFA Champions League Finals 2000-2016 by Country
Countries qualified to all FIFA World Cups
Countries participating in the 2018 FIFA world cup Russia
Map of winningest college football team in each U.S. state
Continental borders as seen by the Fifa (Fédération Internationale de Football Association)
Countries by football world cup titles
Kit suppliers of European National Football Teams
All America Football Map (1941)
Countries by place in FIFA world football ranking (as of August 2017)
UEFA countries whose teams reached the group stage of the UEFA Champions League
FIFA World Cup - Teams with the most participations
Number of college football championships by state in the modern era
Number of professional football teams in Belgium (top 2 divisions)
Best results of each country in the UEFA European Championship
All countries Estonian national football team has played against
Number of professional football (soccer) clubs per per province in The Netherlands
Average points per game in FIFA Worldcup
FIFA World Cup map 1930-2018 -
Football support by county
Records of the English national football team against other countries
Countries by Last Appearance at FIFA World Cup
Last time each country won a match at the Men's Fifa Football World Cup
FIFA Football World Cup Top 4 (1950-2018)
2018-19 European Football Champions
Countries with few FIFA World Cup appearances
Birthplaces of Italian FIFA World Cup winning players
% Foreign players in the Italian football league Serie A 2018/2019 (American countries)
Most successful football team last season in each German state
Benali's Big Race: A charity bicycle race to visit all the Premier League Football Grounds in England
Aussie Rules Football clubs and Rugby League clubs in Australia
Logos of National Football Teams in Africa (Inspired by u/JohnPackJeff)
Nations represented at 2018 FIFA World Cup with previous winners highlighted in gold.
Main flows of football expatriates
Football stadiums capacity as a percent of states population
Distance between Major League Soccer teams from North America, mapped out over Europe
Best european footballers of every country in FIFA 20
ELO ratings - men soccer national team (20/10/2017)
Countries that have ever win a Football (FIFA), Basketball or Rugby world cup
Indoor football World Championships.
Most watched Football League in Europe (Between the 4 Big Leagues)
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