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Map of Turkey in Europe, illustrating the Berlin Congress Treaty, July 1878 - by Samuel Mitchell (1880)
Ethnic map of European Turkey 1861
1580 Map of Greece and western Turkey
Ethnographic map of eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and western Persia - published 1910
The underground city of Derinkuyu reaches a depth of 60m (200 feet) and used to shelter as many as 20.000 people; it's the largest of the 200 underground cities discovered in Cappadocia, Turkey
A new map of Turkey in Europe, 1834
1915 Daily Telegraph war map of Gallipolli Peninsula, Turkey, showing forts, roads and tracks
Map showing the partitioning of Ottoman Turkey according to the Treaty of Sèvres (1920)
East Eurasian heritage in Turkey
Ethnographic map of European Turkey from 1877
Ottoman Map of Germany (1803)
What do the US, Somalia, Swiss, and Turkey have in common? Anthem of the world by subject.
1500 map of Europe and Anatolia where Jewish people were allowed.
Turkey at the Crossroads, published in Time Magazine, Dec. 20 1943
It visible difference between Turkey and Syria territory
World in 1567, by Ottoman sailor Ali Macar Reis (Ottoman Archives, Turkey)
The crazy origins of the word 'turkey' (the bird) in various European languages
Hattusa : capital of the Hittite Empire between 1420 BC and 1200 BC. Hattusa now lies in ruins beside Boğazkale, Turkey
European countries richer and poorer than Turkey, IMF, GDP-PPP per capita, Updated October 2017
SE Europe & The Ottoman Empire, 1916.
World countries richer & poorer than Turkey, 2018, IMF
Ethnic map of Cyprus before and after the Turkish invasion. Turkish Cypriots were 18% of the total population but have taken up 36.2% of the island
A print of Piri Reis's 1525 Ottoman map of Malta
9 Ways to Divide Turkey
remenbering the time when Turkey invaded a European territory.
Literal Translations of Some City Names in Turkey
Turkey by % of Forest Cover
Border change proposal for Batman province, Turkey
Distance between Istanbul and Warsaw is less than the distance between Istanbul and Hakkari, Turkey's southernmost province
Politics aside, Turkey/Greece/Cyprus has a really nice shape.
Fertility rate in Turkey
Map of the different ethnic groups in the Caucasus(Turkey excluded)
Map of Turkish as mother language in 1965 Turkey census
The word TURKEY (the bird) in European languages
Electoral districts of Turkey 2015
16th Century Ottoman Map of Europe on a modern map of Europe
Istanbul is closer to Vienna than Hakkari, Turkey's southeasternmost city
Map of Battle of Lepanto 1571 between Ottoman Empire and Holy League (Spain, Venice, Papal State), largest battle fought by galleys in history
Geographical name changes in Turkey
Demographics of Cyprus in 1973 prior to Turkish Invasion
Turkey Divided Into Four Areas of Equal Population
Population comparison of European part of Turkey (a.k.a Thrace) and countries of Europe and surrounding areas.
The Sea of Marmara, Ottoman Turkey 1879
Turkey's 2017 constitutional reform referendum
Number of years regions of Greece were part of Ottoman Empire
Turkey is invading Syria now.
Ottoman map of Poland (1803)
Number of years each part of Greece remained under Ottoman rule
Proposed Balkan Federation by Soviet War Minister Kliment Voroshilov to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in 1933 That was Supposed to Economically Unite Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and Yugoslavia
Map of the Holy League of Pope Clement VIII in 1594 - an alliance to drive Ottoman Empire out of Europe
The purple side and the red side have approximately equal population (Turkey)
Map from Medal of Honor Netflix show puts Turkey next to Afghanistan
Ottoman map of UK and Ireland from 1891.
Origins of the names of the provinces of Turkey
Turkey's governors by eye color
Number of years lands of former Yugoslavia and Albania spent under Ottoman rule
Things each cities is famous for in Turkey
Europe in 1871 with flags (Ottoman vassals marked as part of the ottoman empire)
1375 Map of Europe, North Africa and the Levant in Abraham Cresques’s Catalan Atlas.
Topographical map of Turkey
Registered Syrian refugees by Province in Turkey 2018
Armenian Population in the Ottoman Empire 1913-1914 (Additional Informations about Ottoman Armenia in the Comments)
Turkey, regional GDP per capita, relative to national GDP per capita (2014 data)
Ottoman Map of Europe, 1803
Europe (plus Turkey) Employment Rate 2017
Languages of Turkey
About Yesterday’s Elections in Turkey
Expansion of Italian Libya -- Dark green: territories ceded by the Ottoman Empire in 1912 ; light green: territories ceded by France and Britain in 1919 and 1926 ; red: territories ceded by France and Britain in 1934-35
9 Balkan countries fit inside Turkey
Ethnic map of eastern Turkey, Syria and western Persia, 1910.
9 ways to divide Turkey
Istanbul is 120 km (~74 miles) closer to Vienna than Hakkari, Turkey's southernmost province.
The percentages of the population of Syrian refugees in Turkey's cities
A view of the Greek islands and islets without the continental mainlands of Greece, Turkey, Albania, and Italy
Map of eastern Turkey in Asia, Syria and western Persia 1910 (ethnographical)
Massacre sites during the Armenian/Christian Genocide in modern day Turkey and Caucuses.
Istanbul is closer to Vienna than Hakkari, Turkey's southeasternmost province.
1927 map of Turkey
States with smaller economies than Turkey's Istanbul
Alevis of Turkey
Map of catalan/valencian language articles in Wikipedia made in Europe
Distribution of Languages in Turkey
Turkey's provinces by vehicles per 1000 inhabitants
Population Density of Turkey (2016)
Provinces of modern Turkey (and TRNC) sorted by total years spent under Turkish control* (see explanation)
Climate Variation in Turkey
More detailed and accurate admixture of my DNA from GEDmatch ( I'm Kurdish from South East Turkey)
Boundary between Turkey and Armenia as determined by President Woodrow Wilson (1920)
World countries poorer & richer than Turkey (2017, World Bank)
Dardanelles (Turkey) War Map 1915
It says MapPorn and you know damn well some porn is disgusting; Turkish school manual map of 1923 Europe
Turkey/ Syria Border
And here's an Ottoman map of Nazi Europe (look closely)
Turkish Empire in Europe and Asia, Greece, Roumania, Ect. - Cram's Atlas of the World 1902
Distribution of people who spoke Zaza in Turkey 1965
Ever wondered how to get from Batman, Turkey, to Batman, Iran? Well now you know.
Distribution of religions in Albania during early 1900s (based on the 1908 Ottoman census and the 1916–18 Austro-Hungarian census)
Turkey's borders according to the National Pact
Etymology of the bird "turkey" in European languages
2008 Electricity Theft Percentages in Turkey
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