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1712 map of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Transylvania and Switzerland - by Herman Moll
Austria vs. Germany vs. Switzerland Purchasing Power
Benelux, Switzerland and Austria (population:47,000,000) have less total land area than Wyoming (population: 578,000)
European States with lower GDP than german state Baden-Württemberg
The GDP of Baden-Wurttemberg compared to Europe and the other german states. (Green = lower nominal GDP)
Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, Netherlands and Switzerland can easily fit into Turkey
Lake Constance, Germany/Austria/Switzerland)
You can perfectly fit 7 countries into Turkey. (Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary, Austria, Belgium and Ireland)
Baden-Baden, Germany
A new mapp of the upper part of the Rhine containing all Switzerland the circle of Swabia Alsatia the Palatine of the Rhine Lorraine Burgubdy ye French County with the adjacent parts of France and Italy (8343030454)
Bodleian Libraries, Switzerland, Austria and northwestern Balkans
Smålenenes amt nr 5- Situations Carte von Fridrich.Stein, 1700
Smålenenes amt nr 11- Situations Carte von Fridrich.Stein, 1710
Smålenenes amt nr 14- Der Festung Friederichs Stein, 1715
Stefano Bonsignori - Central northern Europe- Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Austria an... - Google Art Project
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