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1712 map of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Transylvania and Switzerland - by Herman Moll
New Map of Germany, Holland and Switzerland by L.E. Langen 1787
The borders of the Helvetic Republic 1798-99 (today Switzerland)
Bern Switzerland 1797 (Mueller Atlas)
1794 Laurie and Whittle Map of Switzerland - Geographicus - Switzerland-lauriewhittle-1794
1752 Homann Heirs Map of Switzerland - Geographicus - Helvetia-hmhr-1753
1771 Bonne Map of Switzerland - Geographicus - Switzerland-bonne-1771
Map of Germany and Switzerland in 1791 by Reilly 092
Map of Germany and Switzerland in 1791 by Reilly 092b
1747 La Feuille Map of Neuchâtel, Switzerland - Geographicus - Neufchatel-ratelband-1747
1800 Presburg detail of map Empire of Germany with 13 Cantons of Switzerland by Carey BPL 12325
Switzerland according to the best authorities (3046076736)
The empire of Germany with the 13 cantons of Switzerland from the best authorities (3045238627)
Smålenenes amt nr 11- Situations Carte von Fridrich.Stein, 1710
Smålenenes amt nr 14- Der Festung Friederichs Stein, 1715
Faden, William — Map of Switzerland 1799 — Detail cartouche
Faden, William — Map of Switzerland 1799
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