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1895 map of Spain and its territorial possessions
16th century map of Spain and North Africa
Galicia and Bukovina (provinces of Austria-Hungary), 1900
Map of the Philippines at the end of the 19th century. From Harper's Pictorial History of the War with Spain, Vol. II, published by Harper and Brothers in 1899
Bilbao in 1764, the largest city in the Basque Country and the main port of northern Spain
inb4 Map of Spain without Catalonia
All roads and streets in Spain!
Sounds of London, England and Barcelona, Spain
Map of Spain by Wikipedia language articles
USA population measured by Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK (2014)
The results of the 1986 NATO membership referendum in Spain by province
Spain's topography map & population density map side by side
European countries with economy smaller than Catalonia
Portugal and Spain are among the last European nations led by center-left parties
Map of Spanish Armada shipwrecks in Ireland
Seventeen landscapes in the seventeen autonomous communities of Spain.
Knowledge of Spanish in the EU
Territory claimed by Spain and Portugal due to Treaties of Tordesillas and Zaragoza
Languages of Spain and Portugal
Spain to eat
Map of the world from 1502, 10 years after the "discovery" of the Americas. Note how it also includes the line of the separation of the world between Portugal and Spain.
Boundary treaty between Spain and the US (1819)
Stereotype map of Spain
Towns with a "Saint" component in Europe, shows the execptionnel holiness of northern Spain.
Rainfall in Spain and Portugal
Map of Spain with other world cities at same latitude
Spanish Empire in Europe 1648
The Visigothic Empire of Spain in 700 AD, just prior to the Muslim invasion of 711
Languages of Spain
Topographical map of Spain, the 2nd country in the EU with the highest average elevation.
Map of Battle of Lepanto 1571 between Ottoman Empire and Holy League (Spain, Venice, Papal State), largest battle fought by galleys in history
9 ways to divide Spain OC
1847 Map of Joseph Bonaparte the Former King of Spain's Bordentown, NJ Estate -
Bullfighting in Spain by province
Largest Foreign Community by Province in Spain
Percentage of people favourable to Centralization in Spain by region
Map of Couto Misto, a micro state between Spain and Portugal. Existed from the 10th century to 1868.
Europe before and after the War of Spanish Succession
River Basins of Portugal and Spain in Rainbow Colours
Europe would look so with Catalonia (sorry for english)
Passive-Agressive map of Spain according to Canary Islands
Empires of Portugal and Spain (1790)
Map of Couto Misto, a microstate existed on the border between Spain and Portugal. Was founded in the 10th century and annexed in 1868
Map of Languages and Dialect Groups in Spain
Largest immigrant groups in Spain (2018)
Words for "You" in Spanish and Portuguese in Europe and America
Risk of desertification in Spain (translation in comments)
Map of the Tagus river basin, Spain & Portugal
1375 Map of Europe, North Africa and the Levant in Abraham Cresques’s Catalan Atlas.
If Spain was a TV show
Spain's claimed Nootka Territory between Alta California and the 61st parallel N, and west of the Continental Divide, 1789-1795.
When Spain and Portugal dominated the world
The street structure in Barcelona, Spain near the famous church ‘La Sagrada Família’
Viceroyalty of New Spain 1763, all this territories were directly administered by Mexico City
Highway route: Spain's great outer ring
In the majority of The Netherlands it is now warmer than most of Spain.
Half of Spain's population lives in the red area
Spain and Portugal, as seen by an American Grade School Student in 1963
From China to Spain by train
Agricultural production map of Spain
In response to the map of favorite beer companies in Spain here you have the one of Germany
The partition of Catalonia, Spain
Partition plan for Catalonia, Spain
River Basins of Spain and Portugal in National Colours
Map of catalan/valencian language articles in Wikipedia made in Europe
Extent of Asturian-Leonese in Spain
Map of New Spain in 1810
Legacies of European colonialism: The official status of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch around the world
Top searches in Spain by region
A detailed map of the Spanish dialects/accents in Spain.
Map of cases of corruption in Spain per party
Red española alta velocidad png
Number of impeached and accused politicians by autonomous communities in Spain
Average annual temperature in Spain
Spain's population (46.3~ million) if it were transposed onto the U.S.
New Spain at the Beginning of the 19th Century
Population density of Spain, 2008
First journey around the world started 500 years ago in Seville, Spain
Spain and Portugal by National Geographic
Percentage of total voters in Spain who supported the Constitution in the 1978 Constitutional referendum (more details, context and explanation in comments)
Forest Cover Map of Spain
This is the range of the widest photo taken to date on Earth. It was shot in the Pyrenees on the France–Spain border and shows the distant Alps, about 275 miles away.
Yesterday's General Elections Results in Spain. Can you identify the two regions with pro-independence movements?
Provisional results of the 2019 European parliamentary election in Spain by municipality (see more maps @ www.milosp.info)
Brits choose Spain as number one ‘dream location’ when fantasising about living abroad
Wine regions of Spain
The Taifas, the independent Islamic states of Muslim Spain, in 1031
Most common foreign citizenship in Spain (From r/europe)
Languages of Spain (description in comments)
English pamphlet with maps of the Caribbean and main Spanish cities in the region, published in 1740 to build public support for the ongoing war against Spain
Spain depicted by food
Map of all states which offer a nonstop flight to Madrid, Spain
Languages on spain
Napoleonic Spain's Prefectures, 1810
Spain's favorite beer by region
Per capita income in Spain, street by street (link to interactive map in comments)
Flagmap of Spain's provinces
Spain's provincial coats of arms (new version)
Daily life and language in Catalonia, Spain (2013)
1910 Jewish Population Density of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria (Austrian Poland)
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