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Roads either side of the border: Finland vs Russia
Percentage of population able to hold a conversation in Russian in the EU by country
Chile Is Long Enough To Stretch From Lisbon, Portugal To Moscow, Russia When Overlaid On Europe.
1900 Russian map of the Grand Duchy of Finland
Serio-comic war map for the year 1877. Russia - a vicious-looking Octopus - its eight lengthy tentacles extending into Northern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia
1878 Ethnographic map of Russia in Europe
Map of Imperii Russici et Tartariae Universae, tam majoru et Asiatica, quam minoris et Europae Tabula. from 1746.Detailed map of Russia in Asia and Europe. Extends to China, Japan, Korea and south to Tibet and the Himalayas.
Serio-comic map of Europe (based on the 1899 map by Fred W. Rose) incorporating Russia & the United States for the year 2016 / by Andy Davey
Russian economy fitted into Western Europe
Population density of Russian Empire (European side) 1893
Andrees Handatlas 1914: Southeastern Europe: Austria-Hungary still exists, Transsilvania didnt belong to Romania, Bulgaria had access to the mediteranean sea, Macedonia and Kosovo belonged to Serbia, and Moldova belonged to Russia.
Forest Cover Map of European Russia from the late 19th century
Russia in Europe, 1850
The Island of Java has a population greater than Russia in an area smaller than Greece
Russia-sponsored breakaways from Eastern European countries since 1991
Map of Russia or Moscovy in Europe from 1769.
Europe on the eve of Napoleon's Russian campaign, 1812
West Russia (aka Poland, Belarus and Ukraine) - early XXth century
Europe from the eyes of Moscow in the Cold War.
This map gives you an idea of how empty Scandinavia, Russia, and Africa are, and how densly populated Germany is.
You can sail from Poland to Russia in a straight line
The Soviet major offensives of 30 November - 22 December 1939 in the Winter War.
Differences between Google Maps and Yandex Maps (Russian competitor) in Europe
Russia's New EU Neighbours
Illustrated map of European Russia (1903)
Europe seen from Russia (1943), Colorised with Pre-War borders of the Soviet Union and Germany, and showing the furthest extent of the Axis invasion into the Soviet Union.
European and Asian Russia by size of economy in 2015
As agreed to by the German Empire and Bolshevik Russia in 1917, the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk outlined a postwar Eastern Europe with these borders
Knowledge of Russian in the EU
Night Lights of the European part of Russia
Percentage of EU population aged 15-34 years who speak Russian
You can fit the entirety of Luxembourg into Russia and still be able to drive around it
European countries with smaller population than Moscow
Prison map of Europe. The percentage of prisoners from the total population of various European countries. In total, more than 1.5 million people are in prison in Europe. 609 000 of them are in Russia
‘A Humorous Diplomatic Atlas of Europe and Asia” (1904), an anti-Russian map created by a Japanese student at Keio University during the Russo-Japanese War
Y-DNA similarity between Russians and other Europeans
Napoleonic Europe - 1812 - Invasion of Russia
Unfavourability rating of Vladimir Putin in selected European countries (2017)
Knowledge of Russian in the EU
Moscow Metro - largest & busiest in Europe
% of gas supplied by Russia to Europe
You can fit the entirety of Vatican city inside Russia and still be able to drive around it.
Daily WW2 Maps: #3 Moscow: 250 years of danger for Europe
Percentages of land in European Russia that has been ploughed.
European countries that Vladir Putin visited during his second term as the President of Russia (2004-2008.)
Map of Europe According to Putin
Map showing population of European countries (also population of imperial provinces like Ireland, Bohemia, Russian Poland etc...) in 1848
Border between Kaliningrad (Russia) and Lithuania from space. Kaliningrad can't into agriculture?
Arms Exports from China, France, the United States, and Russia
Russian GDP (PPP) placed within Western Europe
Charles Joseph Minard's maps showing Hannibal's losses on his invasion of Italy and the losses suffered by Napoleon's Grande Armenia during the Russian campaign
Ethnic map of European Russia before the First World War
Native Russian speakers in Latvia by sq km (from csb.gov.lv)
The territory of Brazil can cover, Portugal to Russia. From Italy to Iceland and cover the entire North Sea, Baltic Sea and Norwegian Sea.
The territory of Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian separatists and Russian military forces
Ethnographic map of European Russia based on language, 1875. Legend in comments.
Der Kriegsschauplatz in Polen = The battlefield in Poland. War map of Poland showing German (in red), Austro-Hungarian (in yellow), and Russian (in green) territorial possession (1914)
Map of the war in Donbass
The share of Russians, Belarusians, and Ukrainians according to the 2011 census of Latvia
Map of the Central States of Europe Situate between France and Russia, 1816
European countries with more money than Russia. Global wealth report
European countries with population less than Moscow.
Russian mafia connections across Europe
The borders of a post-war Eastern Europe, as defined by the victorious German Empire and the defeated Russian Provisional Government. Treaty of Brest-Litvosk, 1917
European countries less populated than russian minority in Ukraine(8.3 million)
Planned Division of Central Europe according to Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact (Nazi-Soviet Pact) signed in 23 August 1939
World at War (WWII)
European countries that Vladir Putin visited during his first term as the President of Russia (2000-2004.)
Russia-Ukraine Tensions (AFP)
The official YouTube channel of Austria's army recognizes Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Artsakh and so on as independent and also Crimea as a part of Russia, while the Austrian government isn't recognizing any of them at all
You can fit 402 Netherlands in Russia
1630 Map of Eastern Europe and Russia, by the Dutch Map Maker Willem Janszoon Blaeu.
Map of Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia embroidered on a pillow cover (from Ivanovo, Russia)
Sakha Republic (Russia) has larger area than Eurozone (3.1 million sq km vs 2.8 million sq km)
If you exclude Russia, Serbia is Europe's largest receiver of Chinese FDI with $8.5 billion worth projects. Most of these investments are loans.
Map of future Europe, Russian map from 1914 showing Russian territorial aims in WW1
Percentage of Ethnic Russians in Ukraine (2001)
Ethnic Russian percentage of the total population in Ukraine in 1897-1900 .
Pictorial Map of European Russia (1903)
European dependency on natural gas imports from Russia (2016)
Kazakhs in the European part of Russia (regions along the Kazakhstani border)
Europe according to Vladimir Putin .
The Daily Star published this map of Russian Forces on the edge of Europe March 25 2018.
Perspective view of European and Asiatic Turkey, Russia, Austria and Persia (1877)
Indonesia: Similar in span to the (1) Mediterranean territories of the Roman Empire or (2) Spain to Russia, (3) Java is near the span of peninsular Italy.
Daily WW2 Maps #12 "Moscow agains Europe"
This Viking Cruise route used a map of the Russia-Belarus Union State for some reason
European Russia, 1917
Russia-Ukraine war: Donbass 2014-2018 Mine casualties
Ethnic map of finland,Russia and other
Russian regions with a GDP(PPP) per capita above the EU average
Percentage of people in Ukraine with Russian as their native language according to 2001 census (in regions).
"Dismembered Russia- Some of the Fragments" February 1918 map of Russia and Ukraine before the annexation of the West Ukranian People's Republic.
British, Russian, & Danish North America (+ Iceland) in 1855
Russians in EU
Military map of Austro-Hungarian Empire from 1899 showing location of troops through empire and neighboring border areas (Germany, Russia, Italy)
Map of Turkish-Russian agreement on Northern Syria: Turkey will maintain control over the territory it currently occupies before the US established ceasefire while Russia and the Assad government will control all the territory outside the zone of Turkish occupation along the Syrian-Turkish border.
Russian map Armenia Turkey religion 1895
Major Importers of Russian Natural Gas and Existing Pipelines in Europe
The cumulative percentage of Russians, Ukrainians, and Belarusians in Latvia by locality .
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