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A haunting image of the ghost border in Poland, the results of the 2010 Parliamentary election compared with the borders of the German Empire
This map superimposes the border of the German Empire (1871-1918) on the electoral results of the 2007 Parliamentary elections in Poland.
Map for results of the 2017 general election in the United Kingdom
So Cameron's EU referendum is on a Thursday, which puzzled me, so here are the election days by country
The map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) overlapping the results of the 2014 presidential elections in Romania
The election results show: Europe and Germany are more colorful then ever - and divided. These two maps show Bündnis '90/Die Grünen (Ecological Party) and Alternative für Deutschland (Right Wing) - you can find the link for the full results + how-did-we-do-it-? in the comments. Have a nice day.
This map superimposes the border of the Second Polish Republic on the electoral results of the elections in Ukraine and Lithuania.
Planned redistribution of seats in European parliament for 2019 elections
Electoral districts of Turkey 2015
Results of 2014 presidential elections by county in Romania along with former Austrian-Hungarian border
Italy 1976 elections
Regional Elections Denmark 2017, by party with most votes. Details in comments.
Results of a theoretical election if Germany held one today
votes for german far right-party AfD in the 2019 EU-elections by districts
Turnout at last parliamentary election in Europe
So here are the superimposed election result maps of Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania and Italy to the border of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Results of the 1918 general elections in Ireland, just before the war of independence.
Northern Ireland Westminster Election Results 1997-2017
100 years ago today, the pro-independence Sinn Féin party won a landslide victory in the general election in Ireland, paving the way for partition of the island and an independent Irish state.
2014 Sweden election results with UK style districting
About Yesterday’s Elections in Turkey
Support for the leftist Die Linke (The Left) party in 2019 European Parliament election in Germany
Italy - Result of 2018 Senate elections, by winner coalition in constituencies
Pirate Party support in European countries (% from last lower house election)
Results of the 2013 regional elections in Denmark, by party with most votes.
European elections in Poland - 2019
Election in european languages
Yesterday's General Elections Results in Spain. Can you identify the two regions with pro-independence movements?
Provisional results of the 2019 European parliamentary election in Spain by municipality (see more maps @ www.milosp.info)
2019 elections in Poland - support for the parties which crossed the 5% threshold (description in comments)
Political divide in European provinces according to the last elections (interactive source and legend in comments)
Map of largest political party in each United Kingdom County/Council Area by number of MPs after the 2017 General Election
Vote share of "Die Linke" (The Left) in Southern Germany (2017 Federal election)
Support to two largest populist parties at Italy's last general election, by province
Green Party support in European countries (% from last lower house election)
Ukraine Election 2019 map (Green -> Selenskyj, Red -> Poroshenko, Grey -> not participated in election)
The border of the German Empire (1871-1918) superimposed onto the electoral results of the 2007 Parliamentary elections in Poland. There is some impact of former imperialism.
Ethnic Map of Turkey/ Votes For Pro Kurdish& Left Wing Party (HDP) In June 7, 2015 General Election
2019 European Parliament election date by country
Voter turnout in 2014 European elections
Italy - Major Party in every Province, European Elections 2019
Italy: Vote distribution in 1976 elections (left) and 2018 elections (right)
European Election results 2014 by municipality
2019 Finland Parliamentary Election, parties with the most votes by municipality
Map of European regions' voter ideologies in their most recent elections
2019 EU Parliamentary Elections Result
The result of the europe election in Germany
The final EU-Elections 2019 map
Projected strongest European party on the national level following the 2019 European elections
Map shows which European parties hold plurality / majority on the regional level for the upcoming European elections
European Elections 2019: projected largest European party by country
Leading party for EU Parliament Elections by Political Leaning (Left/Right)
2019 EU Election: Yorkshire and the Humber
Results of the 2019 European parliamentary election in Bulgaria by municipality
Slovakia: EU Parliament Election Results.
Elections in Germany (1898)
The results of the European Elections per country (Europe Elects Data)
Strength of Party Vote in English Local Authorities in the 2019 European Elections
Results if Germany held a federal election today, based on polling
Brexit (2016), Snap election (2017), European election (2019).
2019 elections for Turkey
Regional results of the last election in each EU country by European Parliament group
The map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) overlapping the results of the 2014 presidential elections in Romania
2017 United Kingdom general election
Labour/SocDem Party support in European countries (% from last lower house election)
31 March 2019 Turkey Local Elections map per district
Leading European political party for the upcoming EU elections
Most voted party by region in Italian elections: European 2014 (bottom right), National Parliament 2018 (top right), European 2019 (left). Green is Salvini-Lega, Red is the Democratic Party, Yellow is the Five Star Movement.
Élection présidentielle de 2017 par département T1
Résultats des élections législatives de Charente-Maritime en 2012
Vote share in the 2017 UK election in favour of parties wanting independence from the United Kingdom.
Largest projected European party by state, following the May European Parliament elections
Northern Ireland Local Elections 2019 by largest Party per council
Northern Ireland Local Elections 2019 Results: Democratic Unionist Party
Northern Ireland Local Elections 2019 Results: Sinn Féin
Northern Ireland Local Elections 2019 Results: Ulster Unionist Party
Europarlament elections in Poland- Orange more pro european, blue more euro sceptic
Denmark General Elections June 2019. Every dot represents 25 votes. Colour-coded according to party. Greenland and The Faroe Islands excluded.
Results of 2019 EU parliamentary elections by county in Romania
Result of parliamentary election in Poland, October 13, 2019
Vote share of left-wing parties in Germany's 2017 parliamentary elections
Election day in Europe
Outcome of the federal elections in Belgium: right and alt-right in Flanders (Dutch speaking region in the north of Belgium), left and alt-left in Wallonia (French speaking region in the south of Belgium). The country clearly is divided.
Change in vote Dutch right wing populist parties European Parliament elections 2014-2019
2019 elections Turkey
Voter turnout in the 2014 European Parliament elections by country
PIS vs oposition / Results of 2019 parliamentary elections in Poland in every principal unit of the administrative division
County results of the 1976 Presidential Election in Georgia
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