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Polish population before the rebirth of Poland from the German occupation authorities in 1916
Population Map - Germany | Poland | Netherlands | Belgium | Czechia | Slovakia | Luxembourg
A set of maps (probably from 1939 or earlier) about Poland (from top left: nationality, population density, religion, percentage of people employed in agriculture, transport on railways) .
A 1929 map of the Polish population in Lithuania and northern Poland .
Poland divided into two areas with equal population
Population Density Map of Germany and Poland
Distribution of population in Poland
Half of Poland's population lives in the area marked red
Map showing population of European countries (also population of imperial provinces like Ireland, Bohemia, Russian Poland etc...) in 1848
A population density map of Poland .
Polish immigrants as % of total immigrant population of European countries
Language dotmap of Poland, from the 1931 census
1910 Jewish Population Density of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria (Austrian Poland)
Jewish population in Poland in 1931
Population density in Poland
Population density in Poland in 1914
Forest area per population in Poland
EU sheep population bubble grid map (no data for Poland)
Population growth (per year) in Poland
Polish administrative subdivisions as European countries by population
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