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New Zealand search and rescue area transposed over Europe
You can travel a straight sea route from Zeeland in the Netherlands to one of the islands of New Zealand
It's possible to sail in a straight line from the United Kingdom to New Zealand
New Zealand compared to Italy
New Zealand upside-down looks like Italy
United Kingdom Compared To New Zealand.
New Zealand overlaid on Europe
New Zealand is just an upside down Italy. They lay on similar altitudes. And are the top producers of Kiwi after China.
% of immigrants from Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
Here at a liquor store in Sweden they put up a tapestry of the world to represent where the liquor originates from. Poor new Zealand
New Zealand size relative to Europe. (#NewZealandExists!)
Western Europe vs West Coast at same latitude and relative size.
1652 Sanson Map of India - Geographicus - India-sanson-1652
New Zealand over Europe, the true size of.
New Zealand compared to Europe
Percentage Support for Freedom of Movement between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom
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boat parts and history
marine life photography