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Border between France and the Netherlands
Language Areas of Belgium - green: Dutch ; blue-green: French/Dutch ; green: French ; orange: German
Legacies of European colonialism: The official status of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch around the world
Germany vs France vs Netherlands by Nominal GDP per capita
Extent of Flemish (Dutch) and French in the Arrondissement of Dunkirk, in the extreme north of France in 1874 and 1972
Outcome of the federal elections in Belgium: right and alt-right in Flanders (Dutch speaking region in the north of Belgium), left and alt-left in Wallonia (French speaking region in the south of Belgium). The country clearly is divided.
Antwerp, the march and the most important buildings in 1624
1700 Map of Syria, Armenia and Caspian Sea
Map of Holland, The Netherlands 1558
The French in Netherlands 1795-1813
1733 Homann Heirs Map of India - Geographicus - India-homannheirs-1733
1759 La Rouge Map of Eastern India or Coromandel (Madras and Pondicherry) - Geographicus - IndiaEast-lerouge-1759
A map of the West-Indies or the islands of America in the North Sea, with ye adjacent countries, explaning what belongs to Spain, England, France, Holland &c. ... (4587174940)
1862 Johnson Map of France, Holland and Belgium - Geographicus - FranceHolland-johnson-1862
Norway, Sweden, and Denmark- with excursions to Iceland and Spitzbergen; handbook for travellers (1909) (14592706248)
The Austrian, French and Dutch Netherlands, from the best authorities (3046075558)
Map of the disputed territory with the boundaries claimed by Maine & Great Britain and that proposed by the King of the Netherlands (9138601228)
Map of the seat of war, showing disputed territory, and the boundary lines claimed by Maine & Great Britain and that proposed by the King of the Netherlands (8347571720)
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