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1747 La Feuille Map of Flanders ( Holland and Belgium) - Geographicus - Flandre-lafeuille-1747
1747 Homann Heirs Map of Belgium and the Netherlands - Geographicus - BelgiiUniversi-homannheirs-1747
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of Holland and Belgium - Geographicus - Hollande-bonne-1780
1775 Janvier Map of Holland and Belgium - Geographicus - HollandBelgium-janvier-1775
1799 Clement Cruttwell Map of Belgium or the Netherlands - Geographicus - Belgium-cruttwell-1799
1710 De La Feuille Map of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg - Geographicus - 17Provinces-laveuille-1710
Les provinces des Pays-Bas Catholiques ou A most exact map of Flanders or ye Austrian Netherlands &c. it comprehends all the towns, villages, abbeys, monasteries throughout all these provinces &c. (8341706905)
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