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Christmas Flood of 1717 Map. This was a northwesterly storm, which hit the coast area of the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia on Christmas night. 14,000 people drowned
New Map of Germany, Holland and Switzerland by L.E. Langen 1787
Hapsburg Monarchy (Later Austrian Empire) Territorial Changes 1648-1795 (Excluding Italian Possessions and the Austrian Netherlands)
The Ferraris cards (Cartes de Ferraris) are a collection of 275 highly detailed topographic maps of the Austrian Netherlands. They were established between 1771 and 1778 under the leadership of Joseph de Ferraris, general of the Austrian artillery. Check link to zoom :D
Europe 1714 after Treaty of Utrecht and end of Spanish Succession War
Europe after Treaty of Utrecht 1713
1747 Ratelband Map of Gibraltar
1747 La Feuille Map of Flanders ( Holland and Belgium) - Geographicus - Flandre-lafeuille-1747
The French in Netherlands 1795-1813
1733 Homann Heirs Map of India - Geographicus - India-homannheirs-1733
1759 La Rouge Map of Eastern India or Coromandel (Madras and Pondicherry) - Geographicus - IndiaEast-lerouge-1759
Søndre Bergenhus amt nr 9- Situationskart over Omegnen ved Bergen, 1800
1747 Homann Heirs Map of Belgium and the Netherlands - Geographicus - BelgiiUniversi-homannheirs-1747
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of Holland and Belgium - Geographicus - Hollande-bonne-1780
A correct chart of the North Sea, with the adjacent coasts of Britain, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, the islands of Orkney and Shetland, the entrance to the Sound and the Baltic Sea (5960817733)
1747 La Feuille Map of Amsterdam and Vicinity, the Netherlands - Geographicus - Amstellande-ratelband-1747
1732 Negroland and Guinea, with the European settlements explaining what belongs to England, Holland, Denmark
A map of the West-Indies or the islands of America in the North Sea, with ye adjacent countries, explaning what belongs to Spain, England, France, Holland &c. ... (4587174940)
Nieuwe en beknopte hand-atlas - 1754 - UB Radboud Uni Nijmegen - 209718609 077 Spanje en Portugal
1748 Homann Heirs Map of Holland (Netherlands) - Geographicus - BelgiumFoederatum-homannheirs-1748
Holland and the other provinces of the United Netherlands. NYPL1505127
1775 Janvier Map of Holland and Belgium - Geographicus - HollandBelgium-janvier-1775
The Austrian, French and Dutch Netherlands, from the best authorities (3046075558)
The Spanish Netherlands. NYPL1505126
1799 Cary Map of the Netherlands - Geographicus - Netherlands-cary-1799
1799 Clement Cruttwell Map of Belgium or the Netherlands - Geographicus - Belgium-cruttwell-1799
A new and exact map of the United Provinces, or Netherlands &c. (8341706985)
Smålenenes amt nr 11- Situations Carte von Fridrich.Stein, 1710
1799 Clement Cruttwell Map of Holland or the Netherlands - Geographicus - Batavia-cruttwell-1799
Smålenenes amt nr 14- Der Festung Friederichs Stein, 1715
1710 De La Feuille Map of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg - Geographicus - 17Provinces-laveuille-1710
Les provinces des Pays-Bas Catholiques ou A most exact map of Flanders or ye Austrian Netherlands &c. it comprehends all the towns, villages, abbeys, monasteries throughout all these provinces &c. (8341706905)
Western Europe after Treaties of Utrecht and Rastadt 1713 and end of Spanish Succession War
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