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Social Acceptance and Legal Status of Same Sex Marriage Throughout Europe
First Cousin Marriages in Italy, by percentage, 1930-1964
Proportion of births outside marriage in Europe
Support for same-sex marriage in Europe
Percentage of children in Europe born outside of marriage
Age at marriage in Austria-Hungary, 1910
Public support for same-sex marriage in Europe - Pew survey
Support for same-sex marriage in Europe
Percentage of European live births outside of marriage
Public Support in Europe for Same-Sex Marriage
Young adults who oppose gay marriage in Europe.
Support for same-sex marriage in Europe
"Marriage is outdated" - Percentage of Europeans who agree
Same-sex Marriage in Europe
Percent of first-cousin marriages in Italy between 1930 and 1964
Type of government (single party, coalition etc.) at time of legalisation of same-sex marriage in Europe
Where European Countries are on Marriage Equality
Opinion on same-sex marriage in Europe
Percentage of people who are in favour of same-sex marriage in Eastern Europe
First-cousin marriage and Mafia in Italy
Opinion vs Law regarding Gay Marriage (Europe)
Roughly marriage(upper) and divorce pace ratings in Turkey, 2018. (High level darker)
Legal Status of Same-Sex Marriage in Europe 2019
Marriage rates in Europe (Source: Eurostat)
Public Support for Same Sex Marriage in Europe
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