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1581 Bunting Clover Leaf Map. Stylized world map in the shape of a clover leaf (showing the Continents of Europe, Asia, Africa). Jerusalem is at the centre
Percentage of Europeans who have favourable opinion of Israel
EU's countries' reactions to the US decision of Jerusalem as Capital of Israel
You can fit the entirety of Israel into Portugal and still be able to drive around it.
European Recognition of Israel, Kosovo, and Palestine
Klein-Asien & Syrien nebst Den Westlichen Theilen von Armenien, Kurdistan & Mesopotamien.
1827 Finley Map of Turkey in Asia, Iraq and Israel - Palestine - Geographicus - TurkeyAsia-finely-1827
1843 Malte Brun Map of the Biblical Lands of the Hebrews (Egypt, Arabia, Israel, Turkey) - Geographicus - Hebreux-maltebrun-1837
Jerusalem. Herman Moll. The Turkish Empire in Europe, Asia and Africa. 1752 (cropped)
mecca as the pole of coordinate lines ,the first latitude line goes through medina(2holiest city)and the angle between longitude lines is the angle between the first longitude line and the line which goes thorugh jerusalem,the total number of longitude lines is 22 europe is at 3long,10lat
The size of Israel compared to Denmark
Another Alternate Paris Peace Conference - wasn't quite sure what to do with Kurdistan's borders or Poland's extreme South East border. Jerusalem is a city state.
best photos you will ever see
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boat parts and history
marine life photography