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Old map of Austria-Hungary showing internal organization of Dual Monarchy and nationality percentages by regions
Religions in Austria-Hungary, from the 1881 edition of Andrees Allgemeiner Handatlas
Literacy in Austria-Hungary 1880-1881
Austria-Hungary ethnic map, circa 1900
1891 Rand McNally Map of Austria-Hungary
Ethnic Map of Austria-Hungary 1911
1712 map of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Transylvania and Switzerland - by Herman Moll
Ethnographic map of Austria-Hungary (census 1880)
Proposed Czech Corridor (1919) - an idea in which an area of land would connect southern and western Slavs and separate Austria from Hungary
1900s Map of the History of Austria-Hungary
Hungary with Turky in Europe. A map by T. Jefferys, 1785
Ethnic Groups of Austria-Hungary in 1910
Galicia and Bukovina (provinces of Austria-Hungary), 1900
Population of Hungary from the 1880 census (printed 1882)
Ethnographical map of Austria-Hungary (1918)
Andrees Handatlas 1914: Southeastern Europe: Austria-Hungary still exists, Transsilvania didnt belong to Romania, Bulgaria had access to the mediteranean sea, Macedonia and Kosovo belonged to Serbia, and Moldova belonged to Russia.
Ethnic map of Kingdom of Hungary in the 11th century based on place-names
Ethnographic map of Austria-Hungary (census 1890)
The Largest Employers in Hungary
Hungarians in Hungary (1890) - other significant ethnic groups are labeled
Ethnographic Map of Hungary 1910
Austria-Hungary in 1906
Administrative map of Austria-Hungary in 1914
Ethnic groups of Austria-Hungary in 1910 (in Arabic)
The map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) overlapping the results of the 2014 presidential elections in Romania
Map of Hungary as proposed by the Two-tailed Dog Party (MKKP)
Age at marriage in Austria-Hungary, 1910
If Australia-Hungary 'Reunited' today
Members of Central European Defence Cooperation in 2017 and Austria-Hungary in 1918
You can Barely fit an un-rotated Hungary inside Finland (surprise: you can drive around it)
Trialist proposal for Austria-Hungary turning it from Dual to Triple Monarchy by elevating Croatia to equal status, Henrik von Hanau 1905, Vienna
Europe in 1490 (at the end of the reign of King Matthias Cornivus of Hungary)
A massive relief map of Montenegro, commissioned by the occupying Austro-Hungarian army in 1917. It is scaled precisely at 1:10,000 and features detailed models of towns and villages (also depicted at scale).
United States of Austro-Hungary. A federalization plan for the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 1900s. Resolution:720×557 source: Twitter From Brilliant Maps
Ethnicities of Austria-Hungary
How to say Hungary in other languages?
Austria-Hungary's borders in comparison with modern borders .
Hungarian percentage in Hungary, 1890 .
Ethnographic map of Austria-Hungary in 1855
Ethnic groups of Austria-Hungary in 1910 - Hungarian edition
Results of 2014 presidential elections by county in Romania along with former Austrian-Hungarian border
The end of the Great Hungary after the Treaty of Trianon (1920)
3D Austria-Hungary Relief Map: Credit to u/MakoTheMonarchist
Regions with a Hungarian-speaking majority around today's Hungary
Men not employed in agriculture (Austria-Hungary, 1910)
Map of the Austria-Hungary Empire in 1914
Detailed Terrain Map of Hungary, Romania and the surrounding region
Religious map of Hungary according to the 2011 population census
Distribution of ethnic Hungarians in central and eastern Europe
Universities in Austria-Hungary, 1910
So here are the superimposed election result maps of Poland, Ukraine, Serbia, Romania and Italy to the border of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
Map of ethnic groups in Albania, Austria, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Moldova, Montnegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine
With the Treaty of Trianon, Hungary lost almost 3/4 of its territory, its sea ports and nearly 3,500,000 ethnic Hungarians
3D relief map of Austria-Hungary
Ethnic map of Hungary in 1941
Ethnic map of Austria-Hungary and Romania, 1892
Hungary during World War II
Dissolution of Austro-Hungary Empire
Ethnic Groups of Austria Hungary in 1910.
Countries in Europe that have at least one municipality with an Hungarian-speaking majority or plurality
The Kingdom of Hungary in 1891
Populations in the Hungarian half of Austria-Hungary
The ethnic diversity of Austria Hungary during the 19th and 20th century
Cantonized Hungary ("Switzerland of the East") - proposed by Miksa Strobl in 1918
Religious composition of the Kingdom of Hungary, 1910
Map showing how many years each territory was ruled by Hungary.
Half of Hungary's population lives in the red areas
The Largest Employers in Hungary 2017 (source: index.hu)
Hungarians in Romania in 2002 .
The ethnic groups of Austria-Hungary in 1910 (German)
Ethnic Groups of the Austria-Hungarian empire, drawn by me
Map of Austria-Hungary in the early 1900s
Distribution of first language German speaking population in the Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia-Slavonia by county, 1900
Hungary made out of Luxembourg`s
The Habsburg reorganization of Hungary
Austria-Hungary at its territorial peak in 1902
Austria-Hungary in the early 1900's
Ethnic map of Banat - a transnational region between Romania, Serbia and Hungary
Ottomans, Austria-Hungary and Balkans according to Treaty of Berlin
Distribution of religions in Albania during early 1900s (based on the 1908 Ottoman census and the 1916–18 Austro-Hungarian census)
Division of Kingdom of Hungary in 16th century
Ethnic Distribution of Austria-Hungary 1911 and post war borders
Towns of Hungary (2017)
Forest Cover Map of Hungary
Der Kriegsschauplatz in Polen = The battlefield in Poland. War map of Poland showing German (in red), Austro-Hungarian (in yellow), and Russian (in green) territorial possession (1914)
Most popular pizza in Hungary by administrative regions (yellow sprinkle=sweetcorn, little turds in the middle=bolognese sauce, large turds=kebab meat)
Kingdom of Hungary between 1941 and 1944
Hungarian invasions in Europe
Map of location of Austro-Hungarian warships in Austrian main war port Pola (now Pula, Croatia) according to the data of Italian air reconnaissance as of October 22, 1918
Map of Germany and Austria-Hungary from Central Powers WW1 propaganda poster
Situation in Europe and the Near East, May 23, 1915, day when Italy joined WW1 on side of Entente and declared war against Austria-Hungary
Ethnic map of Hungary 1910 (with labels)
GDP (PPP) per capita (2018) of European countries that once belonged or had parts of their territories inside Austro-Hungarian Empire
Internal political map of Austria-Hungary showing pyramid structure of government, political organization of dual system and population and ethnic structure by crown lands, early 1900s
Height Map of Austria Hungary (1898)
A 3D Map of Budapest, Hungary
A never realized project to federalize Austria-Hungary due to ethnic and nationalist tensions.
Map of The Wars of King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary
Local autonomies in the Kingdom of Hungary (late 1200s)
Huge, detailed map of Austria-Hungary (1841)
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