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European countries by Inequality-adjusted HDI . 2015
Inequality-adjusted HDI map of Europe
Number of Participants in largest LGBT events in Europe with dates
Where European Countries are on Marriage Equality
Equality compared to 30 years ago in the EU
LGBTI Human Rights laws within Europe (#RainbowEurope 2018)
Europe by Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index
Top 50 countries by Inequality-Adjusted HDI. Included EU borders.
Percent of Population identifying as LGBT in Europe (2016)
Levels of "Unfair Inequality" in European countries
European countries by inequality-adjusted human development index (IHDI)
LGBTI Equality in Europe as defined by ILGA Europe
Switzerland's regional income (in-)equality
LGBT laws across Europe and parts of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East (2014)
LGTB human rights in Europe
European LGBT rights map (2018)
All LGBT parades in Poland in 2019
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