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1926 map of various European Colonial Empires to scale
European colonies in Africa in 1913. Lines reflect current borders
Atlas of Italy's Colonial Possessions in Africa (GIF)
German East Africa (Deutsh-Ost-Afrika) from Germany's colonies, Brief description of the country and people of our non-European possessions ... ... With pictures and an overview map, etc., 1889, British Library Open Collection.
Map of the China Seas Showing Philippine Islands and Adjacent Countries with European Colonial Possessions Under Their National Flags (1898)
"Portugal is not a small country" - Portuguese imperial colonies overlaid on a map of Europe, ca. 1940.
All land that has been controlled by France
A Map of imperial Europe if the age of imperialism never ended, Google Earth style!
All the land under European control in 1922; the zenith of western imperialism
Lower Delaware River and Delaware Bay, New Netherlands colony.
Colonies of ancient Greece and Phoenicia 550 BCE
"The Downfall of Germany's World-Empire", c. 1917-19, a map showing the size of Germany's lost colonies when laid over Europe
Map comparing size of portuguese colonies with Europe, Galvão Henrique, 1934
Map of Native American etymologies for "horse". There were no horses in the Americas before the colonists arrived. Native Americans quickly developed new words for this strange animal, often associating them with dogs, their one other domestic animal before contact with Europe.
REPOST Various European Colonial Empires to scale
Ancient Greece and Phoenicia with Colonies
Size of Portuguese colonial possessions compared to Europe
Africa and the Middle East at the Peak of European Colonialism (1930) (Ollie Bye)
Belgium compared to its former colonies.
Legacies of European colonialism: The official status of English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch around the world
Nice looking early colonial map by France of America and Canada from 1719.
Colonial Territories of Sweden/Netherlands in early colonial period of the mid1600's
Georgia Colony Disputes
Historic map of African resistance to European colonialism
From Vox about European colonies
Map of Europe 1914 showing showing countries population (without colonies)
A map of countries that were at one point European colonies (in blue)
Map of Male lineage Frequency in Italy of the Y-DNA haplogroup R1b-U152 compared to the distribution of Historical Roman Colonies
The border of the German Empire (1871-1918) superimposed onto the electoral results of the 2007 Parliamentary elections in Poland. There is some impact of former imperialism.
Engraved map of New Spain (colonial Mexico) in 1599: Girolamo Ruscelli, “Nveva Hispania tabvla nova,” 19 x 25 cm
The penal colonies of Europe -- map illustrates the number of convicts shipped out of Europe to settle lands elsewhere between 1415 and 1953
Percent Indigenous in Mexico or New Spain according to the 1793 census by state OC
A old map of Venezuela back 1528 Germany had a colony here until 1546
European Countries that had colonial empires
Fragment of map of Chittagong (Bengal)
How many times can you fit Belgium into its former colony?
Portugal Colonial War 1970
Changing face of Europe and colonial tension, late 1945
WW2 era german map. Showing optimistacally colonies regained. Also hungary, romania generalgouvernement and arabian peninsula are neat.
Tranquebar 1600
1784 Tiefenthaler Map of the Ganges and Ghaghara Rivers, India - Geographicus - Ganges-teifentaller-1784
Colonial looted art in European Museums claimed by ex-colonies.
If European borders were drawn up by colonial powers with no understanding of local cultural differences
1852 Levasseur Map of Guyana, Miquelon, Newfoundland, and St. Martin - Geographicus - GuyaneMiquelon-levasseur-1852
1759 La Rouge Map of Eastern India or Coromandel (Madras and Pondicherry) - Geographicus - IndiaEast-lerouge-1759
Italy- handbook for travellers. First Part, Northern Italy and Corsica (1869) (14597135680)
1732 Negroland and Guinea, with the European settlements explaining what belongs to England, Holland, Denmark
Géographie illustrée de la France et de ses colonies 057
Géographie illustrée de la France et de ses colonies 172
France & Colonies-1894-bancs de sables de la Loire à Paimbœuf
France & Colonies-1894-Bandiat & Touvre
France & Colonies-1894-climats e la France
France & Colonies-1894-confluent Loire & Allier
France & Colonies-1894-coteaux du Gers
France & Colonies-1894-delta du Rhône
France & Colonies-1894-densité de la population en France
France & Colonies-1894-estuaire de la Gironde
France & Colonies-1894-estuaire de la Seine
France & Colonies-1894-houille & fer en France
France & Colonies-1894-lac de Grand-Lieu
France & Colonies-1894-méandres du Lot
France & Colonies-1894-Percée du Doubs
France & Colonies-1894-pluviométrie de la France
France & Colonies-1894-Pont d'Arc
France & Colonies-1894-rade de Brest
France & Colonies-1894-Sorgues de Vaucluse
France & Colonies-1894-source du Loiret
France & Colonies-1894-sources thermales françaises
France & Colonies-1894-val de Loire à Saumur
France & Colonies-1894-vallée de la Meuse
Map of Cyprus (1888)
Carte du Canada et de la Louisiane qui forment la Nouvelle France et des colonies angloises ou sont representez les pays contestez dressée sur les observations et sur plusieurs cartes particulieres et NYPL434487
1855 Spruner Map of the Americas up to 1776
Map of southern Africa 1904
1931 Leconte Map of Paris w-Monuments and Map of the Exposition Coloniale - Geographicus - Paris-leconte-1931 - 1
1931 Leconte Map of Paris w-Monuments and Map of the Exposition Coloniale - Geographicus - Paris-leconte-1931 - 2
1931 Leconte Map of Paris w-Monuments and Map of the Exposition Coloniale - Geographicus - Paris-leconte-1931
Mexico and Spain prior to US Colonialism
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