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Uttar Pradesh vs United Kingdom (Population)
USA population measured by Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK (2014)
Foreign born European populations of the UK in 2001 and 2016
Population of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland Compared with the Population of Greater London and the Surrounding Area.
Population Density in Southeast England, the Benelux and Northern France
How to fit the populations of France, Germany, Italy, and England in Indonesia
Comparison of Armenian population in Eastern Turkey according to Armenian, Ottoman, French and British sources
Comparative Population Densities of the Historic Counties of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the States and District of the United States of America, and the Provinces and Territories of Canada
Ireland united with the Irish-identifying provinces of the UK (2011 Census)
United Kingdom & Crown Dependencies divided into regions of approximately equal population
K36 Genetic Similarity of Modern populations to Neolithic Pre-Indo European Orkney Islander (Scotland) (Higher number=More similarity)
Map of districts of Northern Ireland colour coded to show the predominant national identity in the 2011 census. Stronger green indicates a higher proportion of people describing themselves as Irish. Stronger blue indicates a higher proportion of people describing themselves as British (2011).
Map of European Countries With a Population Smaller Than London Metro
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