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EU cow population bubble grid map
Comparing the population sizes of countries in America with those in Europe
Percentage of EU population aged 15-34 years who speak Russian
The population of Sweden divided into four areas (~2.5 million each)
4 largest Americas countries by population fitted into Europe
Iceland Population Density
European countries with smaller population than Moscow
Jewish Population in Europe (1933 & 2015)
Great Famine Impact in Ireland (Irish population density 1841-2002, by Dr. Alan Fernihough)
Here's what Europe and Asia would look like if countries were as big as their population sizes
Prison map of Europe. The percentage of prisoners from the total population of various European countries. In total, more than 1.5 million people are in prison in Europe. 609 000 of them are in Russia
The official population of Germany’s biggest cities vs the population within a radius of 55km around them
Turkey Divided Into Four Areas of Equal Population
Population comparison of European part of Turkey (a.k.a Thrace) and countries of Europe and surrounding areas.
Sex ratio of the population aged 25–49 in Europe: 1950 vs. 2017
Population of Europe in 1444
If countries in the Americas had the same population density as some European countries
Population of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland Compared with the Population of Greater London and the Surrounding Area.
Europe population density 1930
Cartogram of population change in Germany
Population density of Switzerland (per square kilometer)
Population distribution in Finland. (1/4 of the population in every area)
Percentage of the population who believes in God in Europe, 2015-2017
Religious division in the Netherlands by municipality at the census of 1849
Population Map of Norway in 1971
Foreign prisoners (percentage of prison population) in Europe
Map showing population of European countries 1789 on the eve of French Revolution
Half of Poland's population lives in the area marked red
If American countries had the same population density as some European countries.
Population density in Europe
Areas with low population density in South Europe
The purple side and the red side have approximately equal population (Turkey)
Religious Map of Germany - Catholic, Protestants, Atheists/Other. From German Census 2011
Religious map of Hungary according to the 2011 population census
Population of Europe fitted onto the Indian subcontinent
Muslim Population in Germany
Proportion of persons claiming Czech nationality in the 1991 Czech Republic census
Population density map of Sweden
Median number of languages spoken by the EU population
Population density of US with European equivalents
Population density in France in 2009
Italy Population Density (1972)
Population distribution for selected European cities, 2006
Total population of Netherlands/Belgium and the Nordic/Baltic States (2016)
Dutch provinces as European countries by population
Europe's largest cities by population in 1900
A map of population per capita in Europe
Population of USA fitted in EU
States and territories of Australia as European countries of similar population
Armenia & Nagorno Karabakh - Population Density
Distribution of population in Finland
Percentage of European countries' population in full-time employment
Armenian Population in the Ottoman Empire 1913-1914 (Additional Informations about Ottoman Armenia in the Comments)
WW1 Deaths by percent of pre-war population in Europe
A map of Europe, but each country is a non-European territory with similar population
Canadian populations measured by their European equivalents
Largest Chinese provinces by population fitted into European countries
Population density of Croatia (2011)
Percentage of a country's population that vacationed in Croatia in 2016
Absolute natural population change in Europe, 2016
Metropolitan France divided in 10 regions of equal population
Subdivisions of North America as European countries by population density
Distribution of canid populations in Italy
Share of total population having neither a bath, nor a shower in their dwelling - EU-SILC survey %
Wolf populations in Europe
What percentage of France's population cover what percentage of its territory?
Benelux, Switzerland and Austria (population:47,000,000) have less total land area than Wyoming (population: 578,000)
Half of Spain's population lives in the red area
Projected Population Change in European Countries, 2017 to 2050
India's Total Population Compared to Europe, Africa, and Asia
Romania split into 3 equal population areas
What explains population change by region in Europe?
Command of Finnish v. German as a foreign language in Estonia (2011 census data)
Chinese provinces as European countries by population
The percentages of the population of Syrian refugees in Turkey's cities
Populations in the Hungarian half of Austria-Hungary
Europe 1803 on the verge of the War of the Third Coalition and showing population of Great Powers
Map showing population of European countries (also population of imperial provinces like Ireland, Bohemia, Russian Poland etc...) in 1848
Germany split into two halves of (almost) equal population
Percentage of Muslim Population by Country in Europe
Change in foreign-born population of European countries 1990 to 2015
Italy's Population Split in Half
Religious minorities of Romania according to the 1900 census
Week 14: France if its 14 regions (13+overseas) had about the same population. See you next week !
Germans in Germany: population without a migrant background in each district
The elderly of Europe as a percentage of the total population
Natural population change in Europe, 2017
Internet users in EU states as a percentage of population (2017)
Constructed genetic map of Europe showing the degree of relatedness between its populations (2008)
Population Swap (Asian in Europe)
Vikings from Sweden and their genetic similarity to European populations
Map of Europe 1910 with population of countries listed
Half of Hungary's population lives in the red areas
Average annual rate of population change % in Europe and around. UN 2017 Revision
Finland divided into five regions with about the same population (more or less 1 100 000)
Countries with higher population than Germany in 2100
How large percentage of European countries' population is monolingual
Percentage of foreign-born population in EU countries which was born in Europe
Percentage of those speaking the Montenegrin language in Montenegro, from the 2011 population census
Once a very clear North/South divide ran through Germany. Here a look at the 'cattle type' census of 1925. Several more in comments for an explanation.
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