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California tribal areas and languages at the time of European contact
European countries with economy smaller than Los Angeles County
Spain's claimed Nootka Territory between Alta California and the 61st parallel N, and west of the Continental Divide, 1789-1795.
6 Micro-countries of Europe compared to Los Angeles
European regions with HDI higher than California
Country vs. city, comparing road networks at the same geographical scale: Switzerland vs. Los Angeles
European countries populated more densely than California
European countries with a GDP larger than California.
Vatican City, Liechtenstein, Monaco, and San Marino all fit into Lake Tahoe - with room to spare
Size comparison of European High Speed Rail and California HSR they were too poor to afford and had to cancel
What the entire Internet looked like in September 1973
The new republic of Spain. Los Angeles Times. 15 April 1931
European countries with population larger than California
European countries with economy larger than California
Colton, G.W. Turkey In Asia And The Caucasian Provinces Of Russia. 1856 (CA)
Boston is closer to Iceland, Europe than to Los Angeles, California
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boat parts and history
marine life photography