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Map from Medal of Honor Netflix show puts Turkey next to Afghanistan
1740 Seutter Map of India, Pakistan, Tibet and Afghanistan
A Map of the Countries between Constantinople and Calcutta- Including Turkey in Asia, Persia, Afghanistan and Turkestan WDL11753
Map of Asian-Eastern Turkey, Persia, Afghanistan, and Arabia
Map of Asian Turkey, Persia, Afghanistan, Balochistan, and the Khanate of Bukhara, with Some of the Neighboring Countries
1870 Johnson Map of Turkey, Persia, Arabia ( Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan ) - Geographicus - TurkeyPersiaArabia-johnson-1870
Map of Persia, Turkey in Asia, Afghanistan, Beloochistan; Palestine, or the Holy Land (inset). NYPL1510835
1864 Mitchell Map of Persia, Turkey and Afghanistan (Iran, Iraq) - Geographicus - Persia-mitchell-1864
Map of Persia, Turkey in Asia, Afghanistan, Beloochistan ; Palestine, or the Holy Land -inset-. (1863, c1860)
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