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A SATIRICAL GEOPOLITICAL MAP OF EUROPE published by Presso Manfredi Manfredo Editore Via Venezia N. 1749 of Bologna, Italy // Based on the numerous events portrayed on the map such as the defeat of the Papal States in Italy, this map seems to be from 1871
Map of Poland during the reign of Stanisław August in 1772 (map from 1849)
Fragment of map of Chittagong (Bengal)
1801 Cary Map of Westphalia, Germany - Geographicus - Westphalia-cary-1799
The French in Netherlands 1795-1813
Italy- handbook for travellers. First Part, Northern Italy and Corsica (1869) (14597136770)
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14594189569)
Map of France in 1789 by Reilly 700
Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland, to the North Cape, in the years 1798 and 1799 (1802) (14778305262)
VAUPELL(1870) p1.663 Schwedischer Angriff auf die dänische Festung Frederikshald (1716)
1739 Bretez - Turgot View and Map of Paris, France (c. 1900 Taride issue) - Geographicus - Paris-turgot-1900
1739 Bretez - Turgot View and Map of Paris, France (c. 1900 Taride issue) - Geographicus - Paris-turgot-1909
1801 Cary Map of Upper Saxony, Germany ( Berlin, Dresden ) - Geographicus - UpperSaxony-cary-1799
Smålenenes amt nr 199- Kart over den omtrentlige retning og beliggenhed av de Svenske approcher mod den i 1718 angrebne front af Fredriksteen, 1859
A (totally original, never before thought of) flag map of Europe in 1860, the beginning of the Ottoman decline, during the Italian Unification process (1815-1871), German Confederation (1815-1866) and following the Partitions of Poland (1772, 1773 and 1795)
European powers military coalitions against France 1792-1809
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