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British map with the proposed divisions of France after the revolution (1793)
Plan of Versailles, France (1763)
Principal Triangulation of France. Cassini, 1744
Map of France as a Ship (1796)
Happy Bastille Day! (Map of France as a ship, alongside an article about the revolution, published 1795)
1731 French Map of Europe
1741 map of France
1730 Canada de l'Isle = Carte du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France = Map of Canada or New France
Administrative map of France in 1792 after the annexation of Savoy
1741 map of France
Postal routes in France, 1716
Caricature map of England, Wales and northwestern France from 1793
New France, 1750
1716 Homann Map of Burgundy, France
Expansion of France 1552-1798
Europe 1789 before French Revolution
British map with the proposed divisions of France after the revolution (1793)
Map showing population of European countries 1789 on the eve of French Revolution
Propaganda map from 1793 with proposed division of France
Triangulation Network Used to Map France (1744)
Beautiful 1756 French Map of the maritime coastlines of Europe -
Nice looking early colonial map by France of America and Canada from 1719.
Map of France territory expansion 1552-1798
Karlsruhe, Germany - a baroque planned city founded in 1715. The Residenzschloss was at the centre of the planning and still dominates the ground plan of the town today. The streets of the city centre, as well as the palace garden, are fan-shaped and oriented towards the Karlsruhe Castle.
Eastern Part of New France or Canada with the Island of Newfoundland and Nova Escosse Acadia and New. England with St. Laurence River (1756)
Bonne - Isle de France (Detail)
Holy Roman Empire and Central Europe on the eve of French Revolution 1789
European Great Powers 1792 at the start of French Revolutionary wars
A large and dramatic J. B. B. D_Anville map of Gallia or France in ancient Roman times (1760)
Turkish Map of France (1795)
Europe and North Africa 1800, during French Revolutionary Wars
Fragment of map of Chittagong (Bengal)
British map of the north parts of America claimed by France under the names of Lousiana, Mississipi, Canada and New France (1720)
The Bishoprics of France (c. 1710)
European Great Powers at the start of French Revolutionary Wars 1792
France 1792, Revolution in danger
Map showing population of European countries 1789, on the eve of French Revolution
An alternate map if Austria and France won the Seven Years' War, c. 1763
Carte de la Nouvelle France : Canada et Louisiane (1755 ) -
New France, 1702
La Nouvelle-France
A new map of the north parts of America claimed by France under ye names of Louisiana... (2674873145)
Plan of La Rochelle - Aunis, France (1764)
1745 Map of Atlantic Canada (known as New France then) and New England coast from the Nova Scotia Archives.
Mitchell Map-excerpt03
Lac Champlain (Nouvelle-France) 1739
1794 Jeffreys Map of Corsica, France - Geographicus - Corsica-jeffreys-1794
Fer - Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France, la Floride, la Virginie, Pensilvanie, Caroline
Rigobert Bonne - Part of the eastern coast of Africa with the island of Madagascar and the inserts of islands of France and Bourbon (1791)
Cassini's maps : An 18th century full coverage of France at 1/86400. Ordered by Napoleon and made by several generations of the Cassini family. It outlines crest lines for military use and is the first triangulated map of France. Still used today to compare evolution of the territory.
Europe 1796, strategic situation and disposition of forces during French Revolutionary war
Montpellier from the Cassini Atlas of France (1778)
1730 Canada de l'Isle
1652 Sanson Map of India - Geographicus - India-sanson-1652
1784 Tiefenthaler Map of the Ganges and Ghaghara Rivers, India - Geographicus - Ganges-teifentaller-1784
Petit Luxembourg on the 1739 Turgot map of Paris - KU
Itinéraire Smollett France Italie 1763-1765
1771 Bonne Map of Guyenne and Gascony, France - Geographicus - Gascogne-bonne-1771
Claude buffier map of france
Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon. Turkey in Asia. 1794 (A)
France anciennes provinces 1789
Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon. Turkey in Asia. 1794 (H)
Philippe Buache Carte de France divisee suivant les quatre departements de Messieurs les secretaires dEtat 07710637
Palais du Luxembourg with extended gardens on 1739 Turgot map - KU
France in 1792
The French in Netherlands 1795-1813
Campaign map of War of Austrian Succession 1743-1748 (Austria and Britain vs France and Prussia)
Revolutionary France 1789-1794, under attack by Royalist European powers from all sides
Kingdom of France after the Failed French Revolution (1797)
Europe 1797 after Treaty of Camp Formio between French Republic and Austria and end of the War of First Coalition
La France Occidentale Dans l Amérique Septentrionale
Carte du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France et des decouvertes qui y ont été faites (4231157861)
Partie de lAmérique septent? qui comprend la Nouvelle France ou le Canada (4231297369)
Partie orientale de la Nouvelle France ou du Canada (4231297773)
Partie Orientale de la Nouvelle France ou du Canada
1733 Homann Heirs Map of India - Geographicus - India-homannheirs-1733
1759 La Rouge Map of Eastern India or Coromandel (Madras and Pondicherry) - Geographicus - IndiaEast-lerouge-1759
Italy- handbook for travellers. First Part, Northern Italy and Corsica (1869) (14597136770)
Italy - handbook for travellers (1906) (14594189569)
1771 Bonne Map of Dauphine and Provence, France - Geographicus - Provence-bonne-1771
1771 Bonne Map of France - Geographicus - FranceGov-bonne-1771
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of France - Geographicus - France-bonne-1780
1780 Raynal and Bonne Map of Germany, Bohemia, and Poland - Geographicus - Allemagne-bonne-1780
1771 Bonne Map of Isle de France (vicinity of Paris), France - Geographicus - IlldeFrance-bonne-1771
1771 Bonne Map of Languedoc and Roussillon, France - Geographicus - Languedoc-bonne-1771
1771 Bonne Map of Normandy, France - Geographicus - Normandie-bonne-1771
Map of France in 1789 by Reilly 700
1747 La Feuille Map of Alsace, France - Geographicus - Rhyn-lafeuille-1747
1771 Bonne Map of Picardy, Artois and French Flanders, France - Geographicus - Picardie-bonne-1771
1771 Bonne Map of Poitou, Touraine and Anjou, France - Geographicus - Poitou-bonne-1771
Plan de Forteresse d'Aggershuus et de la ville de Christiania (11), 1733
1747 La Feuille Map of Brabant ( vicinity of Brussels ), Belgium - Geographicus - Hertogdom-lafeuille-1747
A new map of the English empire in America - viz. Virginia, Maryland, Carolina, New York, New Iarsey, New England, Pennsylvania, Newfoundland, New France etc - revis'd by Ion. Senex, 1719; I. Harris, NYPL465948
To Her most Sacred Majesty Carolina Queen of Great Britain, France & Ireland, this map of Europe, according to the newest and most exact observations, is most humbly dedicated (8341623789)
Turquie d'Asie. 1791 (G)
Map italy monferrato CG 14 CARTE Principauté DE PIEMONT LE MONFERRAT et la Comté de NICE avec la Rivière de Ponent DE GÈNES A VENISE
1747 La Feuille Map of Dauphine ( Isère, Drôme, and Hautes-Alpes), France - Geographicus - Dauphine-ratelband-1747
Maison Dodart, 16 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie 75004 Paris, France, sur Plan Turgot, 1739
Partie du Canada ou nouvelle France et de la Nouvelle Angleterre de l Acadie dressée par le P. Aubry
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