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Italy in 1000 AD
Europe - 1000 AD
Map of Germany in 962 AD
Europe 1000 AD
Europe 930 AD
Map of Couto Misto, a micro state between Spain and Portugal. Existed from the 10th century to 1868.
Map of Couto Misto, a microstate existed on the border between Spain and Portugal. Was founded in the 10th century and annexed in 1868
Map of present-day Ukraine in 960 AD, 1362, 1739, and 2014
Map of Norway in 1000 AD (after the Battle of Svolder)
Europe AD 930
Germany, c. 1000 AD
Europe About A.D. 1000
Monarchs of Poland (10th century - 1795) with a known or probable birthplace (on modern borders)
Europe 931 AD
Ireland - 950 AD
Europe 1000 AD
Occitan: Byzantine Empire (1025-1204) and Bulgaria (996)
Provinces of France in the 10th Century
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