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1705 map of Latvia and Estonia .
Estonia split into 3 areas of equal population
Religion (or lack thereof) in Estonia
Rail Baltica, a rail project being built from Warsaw (with connection to Berlin) through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to Finland. Finnish and Estonian authorities are thinking of building a tunnel between Tallinn and Helsinki
Illustrated Map of Estonia
Estonian president Kersti Kaljulaid's dress, U. N. General Assembly, 26 September 2019.
9 ways to divide Estonia
Percentage of ethnic Estonians by county in Estonia, 2015
Estonian population
Command of Finnish v. German as a foreign language in Estonia (2011 census data)
Religious population in Estonia by locality
Religion in Estonia (2011)
Ice roads in Estonia
Forested areas of Estonia
Estonian population cartograms (1922 and 2016)
Soviet Estonia Map
The Republic of Estonia
All countries Estonian national football team has played against
Nationality/Ethnicity Map of Estonia
Estonian municipalities by average gross income (2015), compared to national average
Estonia Mapped by its Roads
Share of ethnic Estonians, who can speak a dialect of Estonian language (2011)
Estonia at night
Flag map of Estonian Municipalities
Archaeologic Sites in Livonia, Courland and Estonia (1896 map)
An elevation map of Estonia - a good example of how the choice of colors for a map can be very misleading.
Tallinn tram and train stop names translated to English
Estonia as drawn by its bodies of water
Forest biomass in Estonia (2010)
Percentage of ethnic Estonians by locality in Estonia .
Map describing the extent of the Estonian War of Independence
Estonia divided into two regions of equal populations
Air transportation routes in the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic - complete with airplane seat plans (ca. 1961)
Russophone population in Estonia
Leningrad area, possibly 1970's with Latin alphabets, Estonia.
Map of How I crossed Russian-Estonian border in 2013
Average monthly gross wage by subdistrict in Tallinn, Estonia (2018)
Map of Estonia’s capital Tallinn in 1922
Map of Tallinn, 1810
Governorate of Estonia 1820
This part of Estonia has 80's satellite photos in Google maps
Tartu 1870 map
Livonia vulgo Lyefland (Livonia commonly known as Livland (Latvia and Estonia)) (1645)
H1N1 Estonia map
Russian federal subjects with economy larger than Estonia
Estonian language in the Russian Empire (1897)
Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union (EMU 2009)
Governorate of Estonia 1820
1925. Tartu - ost
Outbreak evolution in Estonia
USSR map NO 35-1 Tallinn
Swine flu outbreak in Estonia
Russian federal districts with economy larger than Estonia. Is Russia still one of worlds superpowers?
You can sail from the Capital Region of Denmark to mainland Estonia in a straight line
Biggest religion in Estonia by locality, 2011
An interesting map, poor estonia((..
Map representing all countries with Slavic origin in Europe, also how map would look if all countries would unite in a Slavic union. (For Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania there is actually a debate, to where they are actually part of Slavic origin or Baltic).
best photos you will ever see
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boat parts and history
marine life photography