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2018 Russian presidential election results by federal subjects (1,608 × 936)
1999 Russian Legislative Election Proportional Representation Vote by District
Ethnic Map of the Caucuses according to the 1897 Russian empire census
Russian Presidential Election 2018
Result of the largest pro-Russian and Pro-Putin party in Ukrainian Parliamentary Election last week
Russian Constituent Assembly elections, 1917 results . From Anatoly Karlin's blog on the Unz Review.
Second-ranked parties in 2016 Russian elections by county; Blue - LDPR (Nationalistic, Tsarist); Red - Communist; Pink - Just Russia (pro-western); Green - United Russia (Putin's)
Putin's election result around the world
Results breakdown of the first post-communist Russian State Duma election (1993)
Performance of Pro-Russian parties in Germany's state elections
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