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Brazilian Presidential Elections 10/28. Green municipalities represent candidate Bolsonaro (55%), Red municipalities, Haddad (45%).
Brazil's 2002 presidential election "landslide" victory
Map of the last 4 elections in Brazil
Brazilian elections first round results
Results of the second round of the 2018 Brazilian Election by state.
Brazil | Results by country in the 1st round of Presidential Election - Brazilians voting abroad
Elections Brazil: Map comparing HDI and homicides in the electoral zones
Comparison between the 1st and 2nd round elections in Brazil for President in 2018
Brazilian presidential election: first round results by state.
Results of the first round of the Brazilian presidential election by state
Brazilian 2018 presidential election in style of US presidential elections
2018 Presidential Election Map of Brazil
Results of presidential elections in Brazil (1989 to 2018)
4 maps that help to understand the Brazilian 2018 Election.
2010 Brazilian presidential election world map - Second round
2006 Brazilian election per state final
2010 Brazilian presidential election - Second round
Brazilian 1998 election map
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