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Results of the 2016 Australian Federal Election
Australian federal election 2016 - where were the swings
Results of the 1987 New Brunswick general election.
Electoral Division map to be used in the 2019 Australian Federal Election
Australian Federal Election Boundaries
2019 Australian Federal Election Result.
Sydney Region in the 2011 New South Wales State Election
Results of the 2019 Australian Federal Election
Australian Senate as elected at the 2016 Full Senate Election. (The composition has changed since then)
Provisional Results of the 2019 Australian Federal Election
Partisan Value Index map of Australia after the last two elections.
2019 Australian Election using FPTP
Very detailed map of the 2019 Australian Election from
2017 Queensland (Australia) state election
NB Election 2014
Not entirely sure if this counts as a map: Methods of election in Australian Parliaments
2019 Australian federal election - Vote Strength - Top is Primary Vote - Bottom is 2 party Preferred after the distribution of preferences.
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