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Cairo, Egypt in the 16th century - by Ottoman cartographer Piri Reis
Exaggerated Relief Map of the Nile and Eastern Mediterranean Region
16th Century Ottoman Map of Nile Valley from Piri Reis
Ethno-Linguistic Map of the Middle East (2006-2014)
Map of Egypt in the Ottoman Era drawn by the great sailor Piri Reis in 1525
Aftermath of the Ottoman-Egyptian War (1839)
1843 Malte Brun Map of the Biblical Lands of the Hebrews (Egypt, Arabia, Israel, Turkey) - Geographicus - Hebreux-maltebrun-1837
Maps of Anatolia, of Egypt, and of Carthage by Abraham Ortelius
Egypt. Herman Moll. The Turkish Empire in Europe, Asia and Africa. 1752 (cropped)
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