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Cairo, Egypt in the 16th century - by Ottoman cartographer Piri Reis
1541 world map reduced from that of Waldseemüller (1513), onto which Fries has added the five kings of Russia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka (Taprobana), and Thailand (Mursuli), along with a mammoth in the upper left corner near Greenland (which is depicted as a peninsula).
1632 map of the Holy Land by the Jesuit monk Jacobus Tirinus. Oriented to the east, map depicts from Syria and Tyre southward as far as the Sinai, Egypt and Thebes
Egypt, 1905
1656 map of Egypt and northern Libya - by Nicolas Sanson
Population density of Egypt
Population density in Egypt
Egypt 1650
Egypt drawn up by roads
Map of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan - from Cambridge Modern History Atlas, 1912
Population density map of Egypt (+Israel)
Map of Egypt's population density.
Population Map | Egypt
This week, on "Africa is Huge": The 'Cape to Cairo' railway proposed by the British would be longer than the Trans-Siberian Railway if completed.
Opening of the Suez Canal, Egypt (1859)
Linguistic map of Egypt
Borders of Ancient Egypt at various times
Travel Time to Cities in Egypt
Geographical Egypt in 1818 by Jacotin Pierre
Map of the population density in the Arab Republic of Egypt as of 2010
Egypt under Muhammad Ali Dynasty
New Kingdom of Egypt | 1425 BCE
Indonesia is so wide that it can reach from Reykjavik, Iceland to Cairo, Egypt.
Map of Ptolemaic Egypt
Ptolemaic Egypt - 240 BC
New Kingdom Egypt at its peak
You can see the Israel-Egypt border from satellite images
Ancient Egypt - Old Kingdom - ca. 3250-2600 BC
Light Pollution of Egypt
Egypt during the third Third Intermediate Period ~ 800 BC. After the death of Ramesses XI, the end of the New Kingdom/Egyptian Empire and the Bronze age Collapse.
Geological map of Egypt
Alexandria, Egypt (Cram, 1900)
Map of ancient Egypt and Nubia
If Egypt was a TV series
Languages of Egypt
"Cape Town to Cairo" Division of Africa Proposed by the British (1898)
Cairo, Egypt, by Pirî Reis 1525AD (Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent Atlas)
Map of Egypt, Sudan, Red Sea, Assab, Massaua, Abyssinia, etc. (1887)
1940 Vintage EGYPT Map of Egypt
You thought Chile was long ? Meet Indonesia - The country which connects Reykjavik, Iceland to Cairo, Egypt
Map of Egypt in the Ottoman Era drawn by the great sailor Piri Reis in 1525
The territorial losses of Egypt since 1919
Egypt (History Maps Part 2)
Finley map of Egypt (1827)
Suez Area, Egypt, 1850
The Qattara Depression Project - an abandoned 1960s macro-engineering project that looked to use nuclear explosions to dig a hydro canal to the depression in Egypt
Guillaume de L'Isle - Map of Egypt, Nubia, and Abyssinia (1733)
Nautical chart of the Port of Alexandria, Egypt (1867)
In Civilization VI loading screen, Egypt has a new lake, and åland has swollen a bit compared to Gotland
A general map of Egypt and Nubia, A History of Egypt, 1909 edition. Banana for scale.
1570 map of Egypt - by Abraham Ortelius
Grafton Elliot Smith Cultural Diffusion Map from Egypt
Noticed that Both Egypt and Missouri Have a Very Similar Shape
Egypt 2010 population density1
Religions in Egypt
Arabia, Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia (1843)
Travel time from Cairo, Egypt by car
Egypt and Palestine at the time of Moses
Panorama of lower Egypt, Arabia Petra, Edom and Palestine (1895)
1690 Coronelli Map of Ethiopia, Abyssinia, and the Source of the Blue Nile - Geographicus - Abissinia-coronelli-1690
Map of Cairo, Egypt in 1549
Lower and Upper Egypt - c. 3100 BC (with hieroglyphics)
1658 Jansson Map of the Indian Ocean (Erythrean Sea in Antiquity)
1794 Anville Map of Ancient Egypt - Geographicus - Egypt-anville-1794
Cedid Atlas (Egypt) 1803
Africa Northeast 1561, Girolamo Ruscelli (3824671-recto)
Africa Northeast 1561, Girolamo Ruscelli (3824953-recto)
Egypt 1561, Girolamo Ruscelli (3824971-recto)
1843 Malte Brun Map of the Biblical Lands of the Hebrews (Egypt, Arabia, Israel, Turkey) - Geographicus - Hebreux-maltebrun-1837
(1821) MAP OF LOWER EGYPT (Ancient and Modern)
Map of ancient Egypt and inset map of the area around Alexandria by Abraham Ortelius
The Nile - notes for travellers in Egypt (1895) (14782811825)
1827 Finley Map of Egypt - Geographicus - Egypt-finley-1827
Egypt 1618, Gerardus Mercator (4156661-recto)
1837 Malte-Brun Map of Ancient Egypt, Nubia ( Sudan ) and Abyssinia ( Ethiopia ) - Geographicus - EgyptAncient-mb-1837
1856 Kiepert Map of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt - Geographicus - Sinai-kiepert-1856
Egypt 1620, Gerardus Mercator (4248301-recto)
A new map of the north part of antient Africa shewing the chiefe people, cities, towns, rivers, mountains etc in Mauritania, Numidia, Africa Propria, Libya Propria, and Egypt. NYPL1630731
A new map of the north part of antient Africa shewing the chiefe people, cities, towns, rivers, mountains, &c. in Mauritania, Numidia, Africa Propria, Libya Propria and Egypt (5961362528)
A new map shewing the travels of the patriarchs, as also of the children of Israel, from Egypt through the wilderness to the land of Canaan. NYPL1630726
ACSIE003 - Map of Egypt, Abyssinia, and the Soudan
Ancient Egypt (Myers, 1890)
1858 Dispatch Atlas Map of Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia and the Red Sea - Geographicus - EgyptNubia-dispatch-1858
Egypt and the basin of the Nile (2674836051)
MACCOUN(1899) p047 ABOUT 1440 B.C. - LOWER EGYPT
A new map of the north part of antient Africa shewing the chiefe people, cities, towns, rivers, mountains &c. in Mauritania, Numidia, Africa Propria, Libya Propria, and Egypt (NYPL b15114268-1630731)
1811 Cary Map of Arabia, Egypt ^ Abyssinia - Geographicus - Arabia-cary-1811
Fourth map of Africa (Egypt and Sinai), in full gold border (NYPL b12455533-427039)
Egypt and Barca etc; Abissina and Nubia etc NYPL1505150
Maps of Anatolia, of Egypt, and of Carthage by Abraham Ortelius
1865 Spruner Map of Arabia and Egypt in Antiquity - Geographicus - Arabia-spruner-1865
Egypt 1650, Jan Jansson (4248814-recto)
The west part of Barbary containing Fez, Marocco, Algiers and Tunis ; East part of Barbary containing Tripoli, Barca and the north part of Egypt (5375430213)
1762 Bonne Map of Egypt - Geographicus - Egypt-bonne-1762
1867 Depot de la Marine Nautical Chart or Map of Alexandria, Egypt - Geographicus - Alexandria-depot-1867
Africa; Delta of The Nile; Island of St.Helena NYPL1584675
Suez Bay, Egypt (Justus Perthes' Geographische Anstalt, 1856)
1818 Pinkerton Map of Egypt - Geographicus - Egypt-pinkerton-1818
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