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Treaty of Guadalupe gave the US the Mexico's Rio Grande as boundary for Texas, all California, half of New Mexico, most of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. Mexicans could relocate w/in these new boundaries or get full US citizenship. Mexicans actually belong in US...
The optimal road trip to see all the US national parks
The US Army Corps of Engineers working hydraulic scale model of the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta System
Los Angeles and Milan at the Same Scale
Nicholas Sanson'\s map of Florida, New Mexico and the island of California, 1656
Vintage map of Silicon Valley found on the wall at Stanford Hospital.
John C. Fremont's Map of Oregon and Upper California (1848) - shows the San Juan Islands as part of British Territory
The Reber Plan: Proposal for two dams that turn San Pablo Bay and South San Francisco Bay into freshwater lakes while the East Bay Tidelands and Richardson Bay are filled in for a deepwater port, airports, and military bases (1949)
"New Mexico, also called New Granada and Marata, with parts of California" (Jean-Baptiste Nolin, Vincenzo Maria Coronelli, 168?)
Map of the San Joaquin, Sacramento and Tulare Valleys 1873
1932 Candrain Map of San Francisco, California
Pascaart vertoonende de zeecusten van Chili, Peru, Hispania Nova, Nova Granada en California (8429817139)
The street railway review (1891) (14572087070)
Paskaerte van Nova Granada en tEylandt California (7537871982)
Map of the San Joaquin, Sacramento and Tulare Valleys 1873 - Tulare Valley
WPA Land use survey map for the City of Los Angeles, book 3 (San Fernando Valley from Canoga Park District to Van Nuys District), sheet 16 (383)
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boat parts and history
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