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A map of the world but it’s just the time zones.
Map of current time zone borders
Sunset on summer solstice in Europe
Map of just the time zones
Hours of Daylight on the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere
Map of Melbourne and Environs - Electric Railway Time Zones (1910s)
A map of sunset times on the Summer Solstice across the USA and Canada
Map of time zones in Antarctica
How day length (hours of daylight) varies throughout the year
International Time Zones (1962)
When you cross the border between China and Afghanistan, there is a time change of 3 hours and 30 minutes. It happens because, although China is 5200 km (3250 Miles) from East to West, the country has just one Time Zone.
Do you live in the correct time zone?
Contiguous US Population by Time Zone
Contiguous United States population density by time zone
A Windows XP time zone settings map, where something went wrong with Poland
American time zones in 1913
Population breakdown of the USA by time zone
The interesting and mildly infuriating map of Australia’s time zones (UTC+X) during daylight savings
US population density by time zone
Difference in solar time vs time zone
Daylight savings time around the planet Where in the world daylight saving time is used (blue), abolished (orange), and never instituted (red).
Daylight Saving Time around the World
Time zones in Antarctica
Countries (including sub-regions) that observe daylight saving time.
World Time Zone Discrepancy
World Time Zones - with some details
Map of the world, in just time zone divisions
Total population per time zone
When you thought that Russia having time zones ranging from UTC+2:00 to UTC+12:00 was already crazy enough.....
Time zones of Republic of China (1918-1949)
Hours of Daylight you get on the Summer Solstice
Changes of time zones of Russia in 2014-2016 or "Nobody loves Omsk"
Standard Time Zones of the World
Time Zones by Sovereignty
The Map of contiguous United States if it were to have accurate time zones per counties:
Map of sunrise times in USA and Canada on the summer solstice
A Windows XP time zone settings map
Time Zones of the world - a reminder of how silly many of them are
Contiguous US if current time zones were used as borders and land was swapped accordingly
If India had 2 Time Zones based on integral hour offsets
Alternate US Time Zones based on longitude.
Time Zones in the United States
Since daylight saving was recent, here’s a map of the countries and places that participate in daylight saving. Blue - Northern, Orange - Southern.
Colored map showing the time zones
Its the Spring Equinox tomorrow, here's a cool sunlight map
Angle of sun and daylight as year progresses showing day, night, poles and whole world
U.S. Time Zone Gerrymandering. {OC]
Global time zones, 1943
Area codes and time zones of the United States and surrounding areas
Melbourne Minimum Railway or Tramway Time Zones - 1922
IBM Inspired Time Zone Map
Updated Sunset times around the world on the Summer Solstice
Map of Canadian time zones
Time Zones of Australia
How Daylight Savings affects different parts of the country
Number of time zones per country
Time zones
Hours of Daylight on the Winter Solstice in Alaska
Summer solstice sunset times in the Philippines
Suggestion for time zones without Daylight Saving Time
Map of proposed Time Zones from a meeting among railroad companies in 1883
Housing units in the United States by time zone
Standard Time Zones in Antarctica
Countries/States which observe Daylight Saving Time (Seasonal Time Adjustments)
How accurate 12 noon is to when the sun is highest in the sky, across time zones.
Cental/Mountain Time Zone Boundary in South Dakota. For some reason, the boundary juts SW from the Missouri River and doesn't follow any major road, physical boundary, or county line until Jones County.
Time zones around the world
Standard Time Zones of the World
Canada population by time zone
Population Cartogram of Time Zones
Standard time zones of the world
A Map of the Current Time Zones
Time zones Europe IF DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME is abolished in 2021 with sunrises and sunsets in Winter and Summer solstice if the same zones are kept as now
Time zones in Europe if seasonal clock changes are abolished and DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME is permanently kept in 2021 with sunrises and sunsets in Winter and Summer solstices based on capital cities if the same zones are kept as now,
Improved time zones of North America (proposal)
Simplified time zone
Proposal for permanent European Time Zones if Daylight Saving Time is abolished in 2021
European time zones if the seasonal changes are abolished in 2021. First or Second picture ? What are your opinions and what will be the most logical solution ?
The Hudson by daylight map, from New York Bay to the head of tide water - containing names of streams, islands, and heights of mountains according to the latest coast survey - also the names NYPL1693408
World - time zones map (2014)
Time zones 1925
Time zone map of South America (2014)
World Time Zone Map
Time zones in Antarctica (Credit: Wikipedia)
Time Zones in a broader sense
Time Zones - matching color - Canada - USA - Mexico (vertical)
Time Zones - matching color - Canada - USA - Mexico
Antarctica's Time Zones
Time zones in Europe if Daylight Saving Time is abolished in 2021 . What are your thoughts ?
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