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The iceberg that split from Antarctic in July 2017 compared to London, Hawaii and Cyprus
Cyprus, 1573
Cyprus' name in various languages
Location of every Ancient Greek city outside of Greece & Cyprus, that still is inhabited today
Population distribution of Cyprus, 1960 and 1999. I though it relevant because of the new peace talks going on in Geneva atm
Ethnic map of Cyprus before and after the Turkish invasion. Turkish Cypriots were 18% of the total population but have taken up 36.2% of the island
Night Lights of Cyprus
A 19th century map of the Medieval walled city of Nicosia, Cyprus.
Politics aside, Turkey/Greece/Cyprus has a really nice shape.
Switching Borders: USA and Cyprus
Demographics of Cyprus in 1973 prior to Turkish Invasion
Countries where the Northern Cypriot passport is accepted
Ever wonder if America and Cyprus switched?
Mosques present in 1878 in Cyprus
Demography of Cyprus before and after 1974
Map of the "Old/Walled City" of Nicosia
Map of Cyprus - Fantasy Style
Relief map of Cyprus, UN Buffer Zone and UK Military Bases overlaid
Eastern Eurasian Y-haplogroups frequency in Turkey, Cyprus and Greece
Turkish interventionism (and expansion) in Cyprus, Syria and Iraq since 1939
Exaggerated relief map of Cyprus
Places with over 1000 inhabitants in Europe w/o Cyprus & Iceland (see more maps @ www.milosp.info)
USA in the shape of Cyprus and vice versa
Mosques present in Cyprus in 1878 - in 1878 Ottoman rule ended and British rule started in Cyprus
A Map of Recent Natural Gas Discoveries Around Cyprus and Maritime Disputes in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Political map of Cyprus.
Real GDP per capita, 2005 prices, for European nations without Cyprus and Malta, 1950-1990 (see more maps @ www.milosp.info)
Old map depicting the Venetian Walls of Nicosia, Cyprus. They were built with the intention of keeping invading armies out of the capital. (c. 1567)
Nicosia by Giacomo Franco
North Cyprus Relief Map
Night Lights of Cyprus
Pictorial Map of Nicosia, 1944
Map of countries maintaining diplomatic missions of in the unrecognized state of Northern Cyprus
Top 15 Export/Trading Partners of Cyprus. Don't worry Americas, you will get Halloumi soon.
Turkish Cypriot enclaves in Cyprus between 1964 and the 1974 Turkish invasion
Maps of Cypriot Elections and Referenda
"Why is so..." completed by Google top suggestions. Turkey, Cyprus, Northern Cyprus, Donetsk People's Republic, and Transnistria included.
If the U.S.A and Cyprus were swamped
De-Turkification of Cyprus
Ethnographic distribution in Cyprus 1960
European countries with a GDP (PPP) per capita above/below the European average (including Russia and Cyprus)
Map of the Cypriot Presidential Election 2018 - Second Round
Peacekeeping Map of Cyprus by the UN
Countries that recognise the Republic of Cyprus
Ethnic Distribution map of Cyprus in 1973 prior to Turkish Invasion
Klein-Asien & Syrien nebst Den Westlichen Theilen von Armenien, Kurdistan & Mesopotamien.
Akrotiri's complex borders: Three (or four) Cypriot exclaves and two British salients
1794 Anville Map of Asia Minor in Antiquity (Turkey,Cyprus, Syria) - Geographicus - AsiaMinor-anville-1794
Heinrich Kiepert. Asia citerior.Cyprus
True size of the Cyprus U.N. Buffer Zone
How did Cyprus manage to hold onto those skinny lines?
Cyprus 1569
Cavallini. Atlas nautique de la Mer Méditerranée et d'une partie de la Mer Noire. 1639. Cyprus
Carte Geologique Europe cropped Cyprus
Map of Cyprus and inset map of Lemnos by Abraham Ortelius
Das Osmanische Reich in Asien 1829 Cyprus
Banduri and Lisle. Imperii Orientalis et Circumjacentium Regionum.D (CibyrrhÆotarum Thema, Seleucia Thema, Cyprus)
Banduri and Lisle. Imperii Orientalis et Circumjacentium Regionum.D (Cyprus)
A new map shewing all the severall countries, cities, towns and other places mentioned in the New Testament (1 - in Greece Cyprus, Asia and parts adjoining; 2 - in Italy, Mesopotamia etc 3 - in the NYPL1630728
Fourth map of Asia (Middle east and Cyprus), in full gold border (NYPL b12455533-427047)
Map of Cyprus - Bordone Benedetto - 1547
Anville. Cyprus. 1783
1865 Spruner Map of Greece during the Dorian Migrations
Map of Cyprus (1888)
Cyprus Insula. NYPL1632215
Maps of Rineia and Delos, of Icaria, of Euboea, of Samos, of Kea, of Rhodes, of Chios, of Cyprus, of Lesbos, and of Lemnos by Abraham Ortelius
Robert - Asia Minor cropped Cyprus
Cyprus — Memalik-i Mahruse-i Shahane-ye Mahsus Mukemmel ve Mufassal Atlas (1907)
Map of Cyprus, Description de L'Universe (Alain Manesson Mallet, 1683)
Asia minor-Shepherd 1923 Cyprus
Ethnographic distribution in Cyprus 1960 East
You can travel 360 degrees around the world from Cyprus in a curved line
Map of the Cypriot Presidential Election 2018 - First Round
If us and Cyprus were switched
Post 174 Cyprus ,40% of the island is occupied by Turkish people that represented 15% of the total population before the USA sponsored Turkish invasion.
Ethnic map of Cyprus before the CIA sponsored/covered invasion by Turkey (yes in 1974, USA sponsored the invasion of a European territory by a muslim nation...)
Ind*a made of 26 koreas and toped with 2 north koreas with Cyprus and Maldives as other territories
The national ownership of Dhekelia in Cyprus before and after Brexit
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography