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U.S. backed coups in Latin America: Costa Rica 1948, Guatemala 1954, Paraguay 1954, Brazil 1964, Peru 1968, Chile 1973, Uruguay 1973, Argentina 1976, El Salvador 1979, Nicaragua 1981, Panama 1989 (invaded), Venezuela: 2002...
The oldest European settlement in the Americas. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in 1589.
Large 3D Printed Topo of Costa Rica
Hillshade map of Costa Rica
Growth of Forest in Costa Rica's National Park
Costa Rica (HDI) 2018 - By Provinces
Plano del Archipielago de Clayocuat 1791
Tourist Map of Costa Rica (1967)
H1N1 Costa Rica Map
Distances saved by the interoceanic canal of Nicaragua and Costa Rica 1894
Pascaerte van Brazil en Nieu Nederlandt van Corvo en Flores tot Barbados (8429816951)
Reales Audiencias de Guatemala, Santo Domingo, Panamá y Nueva Granada, Isla de Cuba y la Florida (1594) - AHG
Costa Rica-1597 1050x911
1859 Dufour Map of Hispaniola or Santo Domingo, West Indies (Haiti, Dominican Republic) - Geographicus - StDomingue-dufour-1859
A(H1N1) infection map Costa Rica
H1N1 Costa Rica map by confirmed cases
H1N1 Costa Rica map by confirmed deaths
1951 Costa Rica (30583521540)
London to Paris is just like a stroll through Costa Rica.
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