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The Cantino Planisphere was composed in 1502 and is the oldest surviving map to portray the recent Portuguese exploration of Brazil. It also maps Africa with striking accuracy.
Old NatGeo map of Indigenous South American ethnicites
Indigenous population of Colombia by municipality
Distribution of the indigenous peoples of Argentina
Indigenous Peoples of Chile
A old map of Venezuela back 1528 Germany had a colony here until 1546
1852 map of the French Colonies in America, including French Guyana, Newfoundland, Miquelon and St. Pierre, and St. Martin
Nature conservation areas, indigenous lands, land reform settlements, Quilombos and military areas in Brazil
Colonial Latin America in Eighteenth Century
Percent Indigenous in Colombia by department
Percent Indigenous in Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana by subdivision
1852 Levasseur Map of Guyana, Miquelon, Newfoundland, and St. Martin - Geographicus - GuyaneMiquelon-levasseur-1852
A new chart of Guyana with the colonies of Cayenne, Surinam, & Trinadad (8250689368)
Map of Peru, New Granada, Florida and Eastern Mexico (1587)
1855 Spruner Map of the Americas up to 1776
Percent Indigenous by subdivision in Chile
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