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European colonies in Africa in 1913. Lines reflect current borders
Map of Colonialism in Africa from National Geographic (1889)
Mitchell Map of the Liberia Colony, showing American colonization societies (1839)
Map of French colonies: French Equatorial Africa circa 1920 (X-post geographie)
Atlas of Italy's Colonial Possessions in Africa (GIF)
German East Africa (Deutsh-Ost-Afrika) from Germany's colonies, Brief description of the country and people of our non-European possessions ... ... With pictures and an overview map, etc., 1889, British Library Open Collection.
1885 Map of Africa and the colonies
The Cantino Planisphere was composed in 1502 and is the oldest surviving map to portray the recent Portuguese exploration of Brazil. It also maps Africa with striking accuracy.
German colonies in Africa (1894). Current-day Togo, Cameroon, Tanzania and Namibia. From a German atlas (Debes' Schul-Atlas) I bought recently
1635 Map of Africa, it’s Major Cities and Indigenous Groups, by Dutch Cartographer Willem Janszoon Blaeu.
Africa and the Middle East at the Peak of European Colonialism (1930) (Ollie Bye)
Colonial Africa 1913 map
Map of African colonies in 1914
Historic map of African resistance to European colonialism
Colonial Presence in Africa in 1914
Colonial Map of Africa in 1914
Pre-colonial cultures of Africa (500 BCE to 1500 CE)
The Map of Africa in Colonial Era
Pre-colonial Africa 1858
Daily WW2 Maps: #11 Africa, Resourcess and colonialism
The Death of Indigenous African Religions, 1900-1990
Hauntingly beautiful Colonial Map (Namibia) by future Eugenicist, Galton
Dutch Colony of the Cape of Good Hope, 1787 (now South Africa)
Map of colonial Africa at the end of the nineteenth century
Pre-colonial Africa
Africa under colonial rule, 1905
Colonial era map of Tribes of the Congo
Pre Colonial Africa, 1872
1908 - 1912 map of Darwiish State, aka Darwiishia, one of the longest lasting anti-colonial polities in Africa
Iberian map of XX century (Spanish African colonies inside)
Spanish possessions on the west coast of Africa (1900)
African Colonies after the Berlin Conference/Congo Conference of 1884
1908 - 1910 map of the Darwiish, aka Darwiishia, one of the most successful anti-colonial states in Africa
1820 Africa colonial map
Geography of South and East Africa; being part 2 of vol. 4 of A historical geography of the British colonies, rev. to 1903, and with chapters on the Transvaal and Orange River Colony added (1904) (14770419591)
Map of Mauritius (1888)
1855 Spruner Map of the Americas up to 1776
1818 Pinkerton Map of Southern Africa ( Congo, Monomotapa, Cape Colony ) - Geographicus - SouthernAfrica-pinkerton-1818
Map of southern Africa 1904
"Cape Colony in 1806", from page 122 of "South and East Africa" (1897) (14802412033)
Colonial Africa 1913, pre WWI
Colonial Map Of Africa in 1930
Baumwollkarte Togo 1909
Pre-Colonial Networks of East Africa, c.650-1750
Colonial Africa, hand drawn
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