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Pre-Columbian Aztec Migration, a 250 year process. This unusual map, drawn by Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri in 1704, is the first published representation of the legendary Aztec migration from Aztlan, a mysterious paradise in northwest Mexico, to Chapultepec Hill, now Mexico City.
Cartagena, Colombia (1768)
Isthmus of Panama from Cartagena to Nicaragua showing both coasts (1800)
Plano de Cartagena de las Indias (1735) - AHG
1786 La Perouse Map of Vancouver and British Columbia, Canada - Geographicus - Vancouver-perouse-1786
Manuscript Map of Dagua River Region, Colombia WDL5
Carta de la Provincia de Popayan en la Audiencia de Quito segĂșn Juan de Velasco (1789) - AHG
Territory of Columbia - drawn by And'w Ellicott. NYPL433923
1780 Bonne Map of Northern South America, Columbia, Venezuela, Brazil - Geographicus - SouthAmerNorth-bonne-1780
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