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1853 Japanese World Map
The other day a French guy asked me if I was from Colombia, I told him Mexico and he said "close enough". This is how wrong he was.
Primary source of food for the various Native American tribes in the pre-Columbian era (agriculture, hunting, hunting-gathering, fishing)
Geographic ancestry distribution of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru
FARC influence in Colombia
The Salish Sea. A borderless map of the inland waters of British Columbia and Washington State
The Topography of British Columbia
British Columbia split into 2 roughly equal areas of population
Simón Bolívar's dream: the Federation of the Andes
Private and Crown land in British Columbia
Colombia at its territorial peak (1830)
Geographic ancestry distribution of Colombia
US West Coasts states plus British Columbia if they were to be placed on Western Europe (based on latitude)
Results of the British Columbia provincial election, 2017
Stereotypes of Colombia
Indigenous population of Colombia by municipality
Colombia mapped by rivers, lakes...
Chart showing the original boundary milestones of the District of Columbia
Pre-Columbian Aztec Migration, a 250 year process. This unusual map, drawn by Giovanni Francesco Gemelli Careri in 1704, is the first published representation of the legendary Aztec migration from Aztlan, a mysterious paradise in northwest Mexico, to Chapultepec Hill, now Mexico City.
Gran Colombia (1822-1830)
All Pre-Columbian American civilizations (Part 1/2, BC/BCE)
The Columbia River : Through the Cascade Mountains to the Pacific Ocean (1905)
Pre-Columbian distribution of Cree Languages
Santa Catalina Mountains 3D Printed Relief Map
All Pre-Columbian American civilizations (Part 2/2, AD/CE)
Map of British Columbia Census Divisions by predominant country of birth for immigrants
District of Columbia's At-large congressional district
USGS Map of Point Roberts, Washington. A special enclave attached to British Columbia, Canada
Different forms of Cumbia, one of the most widespread musical genres of Latin America, that started as an Afro-Caribbean courtship dance in Colombia
Gran Colombia (1826)
Dams Of The Columbia River Watershed
Pre-Columbian native groups of the Americas overlaid on a climate map
Okanagan Valley, British Columbia
Gran Colombia and its departments (1824)
Land use of Colombia
A high-resolution shaded relief map of the province of British Columbia, with major water bodies included. A link to a more detailed image is available in the comments.
U.S. Department of State - Travel Advisory - COLOMBIA
First Nations Traditional Territories (British Columbia, Canada)
Fertility Rate of Colombia by Deparment
Current fires in British Columbia
Colombia & Guayana (1831)
A subway-styled representation of current public transport options in Northern British Columbia.
Transit map of Medellín, Colombia
Gran Colombia territorial subdivisions (1824)
Columbia River Entrance, the Wrecks and a Marine History
The Columbia / Nuna / Hudsonland Supercontinent 1590 Million Years Ago
Colombia and its variety of landscapes
John C. Fremont's Map of Oregon and Upper California (1848) - shows the San Juan Islands as part of British Territory
Gran Colombia map 1824
Gran Colombia map
Map of the Provinces of a Modern Gran Columbia
Plano perspectivo de la Ciudad y del Valle de Mexico, D.F. (Mexico City) - 1906
Map of the Grand Trunk Railway in British Columbia (1910)
Mapa de Colombia (población indígena 2005)
Road map of Colombia, 1966
Province Map of a Modern Day ‘Gran Colombia’ (fixed)
Dutch Map of the Islet and Bay of San Juan, Puerto Rico - Published in 1644
Rutas de los conquistadores de Colombia
Map of Hazards from Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia
Columbia Highway, Oregon "America's Premiere Scenic Asset" 1915
Canada provinces 1871-1873
Scenic map of Columbia and Kootenay valley 1913
District of Columbia presidential election results by ward, 2012
1810 Bogota map by Vicente Talledo y Rivera
Mapa de Colombia (población afrodescendiente 2005)
Colors of the surface soil horizon of Córdoba, Argentina
British columbia 1896
1903 Alaska boundary dispute
1910 GTP
Mapa del Territorio de San Martín (1865)
Plano de Madrid desde su fundación hasta el dia
Map of San juan bautista (1884)
Gran Colombia 1820, guerras de independencia 1821-23
Mapa de Colombia (1890)
Virreinato de Santafé y Capitanía General de Venezuela
Map of the District of Columbia, 1835
Colombia - Cundinamarca (1886)
H1N1 Colombia map by confirmed cases
H1N1 Colombia map
1873 British Columbia
MacQueen (surname dist. map, Canada 1911 Census)
British Columbia 2006 population density
Map of Battle of Cochin (1504) Pass of Cambalão
Map of Battle of Cochin (1504) Passes of Palignar & Palurte
Buen Retiro plano
District of Columbia Republican presidential primary results by ward, 2016
Plano de Cartagena de las Indias (1735) - AHG
1893 Birds Eye view of Chicago Worlds Columbian Exposition
Mapa del Estado de Antioquia (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Bolívar (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Cundinamarca (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Panamá (1865)
Mapa del Estado de Santander (1865)
Mapa del Estado del Cauca (1865)
Mapa del Estado del Magdalena (1865)
District of Columbia Republican Presidential Primary Election Results by County, 2012
Mapa del Territorio del Caquetá (1865)
District of Columbia Republican presidential primary election results by ward, 2012
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