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Another disappearing lake, lake Chad
Map of Chad
Believe it or not, I drew this by memory (only checked the borders of Malawi and of Cameroon/Chad)
If Romania and Chad became one country
Maximum extension of the Holocene "Lake Mega-Chad"
The Virgin Islands vs The Chad Republic
Heatmap with countries colored based on how many countries lie between them and Chad through land borders.
Usage of the word "Chad" in the United States
Chad ethnic groups, 1969
The Svalbard Islands stretch further east AND west than Sweden, Poland, former Yugoslavia, Chad, Cameroon, the CAR, and more
Why is there no plane flying over Libya, Niger and Chad?
Lake Chad 1973
Chad vs megachad
Flag Map of Chad
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
log your aails
boater's atlas
boat atlas