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1853 Japanese World Map
Ottoman Empire map of the United States (1803)
3D population density of north eastern United States and the surrounding Canadian areas
The United States and Canada at the same latitudes as Europe
1919 - Military Map of the United States and Canada
Population of US, Canada, and Europe by degrees of latitude north
USA & Canada overlaid on Europe at the same latitudes
US and Canada: People vs. Cattle by State/Province
A map of sunset times on the Summer Solstice across the USA and Canada
1970s map book of the US and Canada
Tornado occurrence. More than 90% of the world tornadoes occur in the US. The US has 1200 tornados a year while the next country (Canada) has only about 100 and the 3rd country (the UK) has only about 30.
Obesity rate in the United States and Canada by state/province
Largest ancestries in the United States and Canada
Highest Mountains in the US and Canada
Dialects of the United States and Canada
Portion of the United States that north of all of Mexico and south of all of Canada
The Contiguous US-Canadian Border Overlaid on Europe
USA and Canada by Slavic population
German ancestry in the United States (2000 census) and Canada (2016 census)
US Population by Canada
Map of most advanced education degrees of Canadian First Ministers and American Governors.
What if American states had the same population imbalances as Canadian provinces?
Percentage of Catholics in the USA and Canada, 2011 and 2013
Lowest temperature recorded in each state/province of the United States and Canada in Celsius and Fahrenheit
Countries currently supporting Morocco's bid vs Countries currently supporting the USA, Canada, and Mexico's united bid to host the 2026 World Cup (the vote will occur on June 13, 2018)
What you get when you look up “why is x” for every first-level division of Canada and the US.
"This is North America - the spacious, rich and fertile region of 'unlimited possibilities", which is shared by British-Canada, USA and Mexico". By Cläre With 1930.
Map oddities: On Lake Metigoshe, ND, your boat launch is in the US and your house is in Canada.
US states with territory north of Canada's southernmost point
Average Forest Age in Canada and the contiguous United States
A 1921 Secret Canadian Plan for a Preemptive Invasion of the United States (Details in comments)
Polish ancestry in the USA and Canada
Monarch migration routes in the fall
Renewable energy in the USA and Canada
Median Household Income in USA and Canada
Canada & US Cell Phone Coverage
Life expectancy of US states compared to Mexico and Canada
Canada-US trade as percentage of GDP for select provinces and states, 2016
Population Distribution of Northeastern US in 2015 (ft. Southeastern Canada)
North America density map, showing the US-Canada east-west divide
White population in the US and Canada
US states and Canadian provinces with economy smaller than Greater London
Part 2, drawing the whole world by hand. The United States of America (minus Hawaii), Mexico, and Greenland added. Canada was drawn yesterday in another post. Done in OneNote.
US West Coasts states plus British Columbia if they were to be placed on Western Europe (based on latitude)
Majority population of US states rooting for a Canadian NBA team vs. the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Source: @SFGate on Twitter based on geotagged Twitter data.
US states and Canadian provinces by GDP per capita(2016)
German U-boat losses and their locations in World War II
56% of Canada/USA Housing Was Built Prior to 1980
Age of Consent in US and Canada
Human Development Index by State/Territory in USA and Canada, 2017
People of Slavic descent as % of population in USA and Canada by state
Lawyers per capita by province/state in Canada and the USA.
US-Canada border distance in a straight line over Eurasia
Contiguous US proximity to Canada/Mexico border crossing by drive miles w/ population access
Ethnic ancestry map of the US & Canada according to ancestry.com
Indigenous peoples of the Americas in the United States and Canada
A proposed map of the United States of America at the time of a bill proposal to annex Canada - 1866
Areas of the USA and Canada as European countries of similar GDP PPP
Map of cities in the USA and Canada with NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL or MLS teams.
Map of the USA and Southern Canada by closest MLB stadium (measured by drive time)
Asian people on population in USA and Canada, 2016
South East Asian Languages in US and Canada
Dialects of Canada and USA
United States of America and Canada Population Growth Rates by State, Province, and Territory
US Counties where the population density is less than Canada
Preferred term for exercise footwear in the United States and Canada
5 Biggest Railroad Companies in Canada and the United States
US and Canada by population per square kilometer
Canadian provinces with Nominal GDP per capita lower than poorest US state Mississippi, 2016
c. 1880 "United States & Canada" by Johnston. Shows the proposed "Lincoln" territory in northern Dakota Territory. Uncommon.
Population size versus legislature size in the United States and Canada
Nice looking early colonial map by France of America and Canada from 1719.
Map of sunrise times in USA and Canada on the summer solstice
North America at night from space, Canada appears to be more spread out than I figured
Active Separatist Movements in the United States & Canada
In 2014, a person found this island (The Province Island) on Lake Memphremagog on the boarder of the US and Canada which resembles the Island of Taiwan.
Do people from 'X' European country make up a higher percentage of the Canadian or American Population
All Canadian cities of 100,000+ where it takes longer than 3 hours to reach the US border
Mitchell Map-06full2
Etymological Map of North America (US & Canada)
Temperature Extremes by State/Province/Territory in Canada and the US
Coffee Place Geography US/Canada
United States Immigrants in Canada by Province and Territory
Polish ancestry in the USA (1990 census) and Canada (2016 census)
Largest ethnicities of Canada and USA
(reupload) population of Americans in Canada (any generation)
Internet mass interception performed by NSA and its allies (USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand)
Race and Ethnicity of USA and Canada
Walmart Supercenters per 100K People - US & Canada
Houses in Canada have to drive into USA just to get home? Link Dropped pin Near Andover, NB, Canada https://goo.gl/maps/ENNZfdpAwBbcn7JY7
Canada vs USA - Speaking a language other than English at home
Number of practicing physicians per capita by state/province/territory in both USA and Canada.
Map of the Emerging American-Canadian Megaregions
Largest Religion Other than Christianity or None in the US and Canada
US & Canada Age 25-64 by State/Province
Intact Forest Landscapes of North America - with Alberta Boundary
Bigfoot Sightings Reported to the BFRO per State/Province, USA and Canada
Comparative Population Densities of the Historic Counties of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the States and District of the United States of America, and the Provinces and Territories of Canada
License plates of Canada, US, Mexico circa 2002
On request: Chile almost beats USA and Canada
best photos you will ever see
for the map obsessed
boat parts and history
marine life photography