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Map of Canada's New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland from Colton's, Atlas Of The World, Illustrating Physical And Political Geography, dated 1855 at the bottom of the map. Delineated are the counties, railways, roads, ports and forts.
The final result of last night's Canadian Election as a cartogram, every seven hexagons is a riding (approximately similar population).
1st round results of the 2017 Conservative Party of Canada leadership election
Canada 2015 Federal Election
A little late for Canada 150, but here is a map of Canada's first ever election - held between August 7 - September 20 1867. This map shows the winning party vote by each electoral riding. (5345 × 3921)
Results of the British Columbia provincial election, 2017
2019 Canadian federal election results map
2017 Nova Scotia general election
Canadian Federal Elections in the past 50 years (1965-2015)
Canada's 2019 Federal Election Adjusted to Have Equal Sized Ridings
2019 Canadian Election Projection One Week Before Election Day
Results of the 2019 Canadian General Election
Results of the 2015 Canadian federal election showing support for Green candidates by riding
Map of the results of the 2018 Ontario Provincial Election (4255 × 3671)
Cartogram of the 2019 canadian federal election results.
Quebec Election Results (1 Oct 2018)
Map of Canadian Provincial and Territorial Governments by year of election.
Results of the 1987 New Brunswick general election.
Canada's safe seats (voted for the same party in the last 4 elections)
Map of the results of the 2019 Canadian Federal Election (OC)
Canadian Federal Election polling projection as of July 27th
2019 Canadian election results except it's just the NDP
H1N1 Canada human swine flu - zoonosis - CSS map
Canada 2019 election Projection if held today
Voting behaviour in Provincial Elections in Canada since Trudeau's victory in 2015.
Current Political Map of Canadian provinces as of June 2019
2019 Canadian Federal Election
2015 Canadian Federal Election Results
2019 Canadian federal election - projection as of August 30, 2019
Canada 2008 Federal Election
Results of the 2019 Newfoundland and Labrador general election
Canadian 2019 election projection if held today
Liberal gains/hold/losses in the 2019 Canadian federal election
Plano del Archipielago de Clayocuat 1791
Canada 1997 Federal Election
Nwt elections 2007
2019 Canadian federal election - final projection
Canada 2004 Federal Election
Canada 2006 Federal Election
2019 Manitoba Provincial Election
Green Party/Bloc Québécois gains/holds/losses in the 2019 Canadian federal election
Canada 1940 Federal Election
Canada 1962 Federal Election
Canada 1968 Federal Election
Canada 1988 Federal Election
Canada 2000 Federal Election
Canada Fed election 2011 Ridings
2019 Canadian Federal Election Results
Canadian Election Map (2019)
Conservative Party gains/losses/holds in the 2019 Canadian election
Canada 1867 Federal Election
Canada 1904 Federal Election
Canada 1908 Federal Election
Canada 1911 Federal Election
Parkdale provincial electoral district 1914–1926
Canada 1917 Federal Election
Canada 1921 Federal Election
Canada 1926 Federal Election
Canada 1930 Federal Election
Parkdale provincial electoral district 1934–1943
Canada 1935 Federal Election
Parkdale provincial electoral district 1943–1951
Canada 1949 Federal Election
Canada 1953 Federal Election
Canada 1957 Federal Election
Canada 1958 Federal Election
Prince Edward Island general election 1962
Prince Edward Island general election 1966
Canada 1974 Federal Election
Canada 1980 Federal Election
1997 election resutls
2003Millervotebypoll small
Barbara hall 2003 results small
Torontowards - 2003
Toronto mayor - 2006
Manitoba elections 2007
Nl elections 2007
Alberta Election 2012 Results Map
Edmonton wards 2010
Strathcona County wards 2010
Wood Buffalo wards 2010
Canada 2011 Federal Election
Canada Fed election 2011 Ridings losses
Edmonton wards 2013
Strathcona County wards 2013
Wood Buffalo wards 2013
NB Election 2014
Canada 1979 Federal Election
Canada 1984 Federal Election
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